2 February 2017 (Thursday) - This n That

For the first time in ages I slept like a log; waking only five minutes before the alarm went off. Over brekkie I watched an old episode of “Dad’s Army” that the SkyPlus box had recorded for me, then I had a look on-line.
In addition to the stuff from LinkedIn which I never read I had an email which had been sent to my astro club account from Mike Tulisa. He said “My name is Mike Tulisa, I am writing to find out if you have any accommodation available for one week from the 22nd April to the 29th April 2017, it will be for me and my wife. Please kindly send me the details of the cost and your availability for that period or if you have anything close to that period as my schedule is a bit flexible and i could change dates”.
Mike Tulisa isn’t the only person who’s emailed the astro club recently trying to book accommodation. I wonder where these people get the idea that we are running a hotel?

I set of to work; I had a good run up the motorway. As I drove the pundits were talking about “health tourism”; they cited the case of a Nigerian mother of quadruplets who went into labour on a trans-Atlantic flight. Having had fertility treatment on the NHS she was then refused entry to the USA because she couldn’t afford American health care and on her way back to Britain she went into premature labour. Two babies died, and she ran up half a million pounds worth of medical bills that she can’t afford because she’s not a British citizen…  
Well, what do we as a nation do? On the one hand we can’t afford to treat the world. On the other hand do we just let them die?

Yesterday I mentioned that my new geocache had received the thumbs-down from the geo-feds. In order to be able to put out a new cache I had to work out where the final location of a nearby puzzle cache was. Last night after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing and wracking my brains I came up with the answer by a non-standard way of solving the puzzle. There are lots of non-standard ways of solving geo-puzzles; last night’s method of choice had Gordon and Lisa both telling me the answer to the puzzle. So once in the works car park I went to have a little look for the thing. I couldn’t find it, but knowing where it was allowed me to relocate my new cache to somewhere that the geo-feds might allow.
It is in quite a scenic location with squirrels and blue tits to keep it company.

I went in to work. Having started in a new place last week I rather assumed the cold that I’ve had for a week or so was something I picked up there. But today several people were coughing and spluttering. Perhaps I’ve infected everyone else? I hope not.

I did my bit and came home to find that "er indoors TM" had beaten me home and taken the dogs for a walk. That saved me a job! We then scoffed a rather good bit of dinner whilst watching the latest episode of “Taboo”. It started well, but it doesn’t seem to make much sense now…

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