5 August 2016 (Friday) - Sulking

On the way home (after the night shift) I couldn't help but notice the price of petrol in Morrisons. On Monday's road trip I'd been keeping a look-out for petrol stations as I went. Fuel in Hampshire and Dorset is (about) ten pence per litre more expensive than what it costs in Kent. It certainly pays to shop about.
Once home I took "Furry Face TM" for a quick walk around the park. As we went he caused mayhem with some dogs and ignored others. Most of the other dog owners seemed to know him by name. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

And with my little dog walked I took myself off to bed for the day. Something of a waste of a day possibly? My old mucker Steve was getting married today. I'd had an invite ages ago but had had to turn it down. Originally because the plan had been that I would be on holiday in Wales. Then I wouldn't be able to go to the wedding because I wasn't allowed leave. And finally the reason was that following the night shift I wouldn't be in any fit state to go to a wedding.
Mind you it would have been good to have gone along; if nothing else I might have had someone to talk to. Other than professional hand-overs at the start and end of the two night shifts up until this afternoon I'd only had two conversations of any length all week. I had a good chat with Chris at the cinema on Tuesday night, and I jabbered away with "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" on our walk yesterday. Other than that I've not spoken to anyone (other than my dog) all week. I'm not quite sure how I've suddenly become a hermit, but I'm not keen on it.

I slept like a log for several hours. A couple of weeks ago I did have this vague idea that I might get a good sleep and then drive up to the geo-mega in Wales. But driving to Dorset and back on Monday was tiring enough, and that wasn’t after a night shift.
Mind you reading the postings on Facebook I didn’t realize just how many friends were driving up today. Perhaps I should have asked for a lift and slept on the way up? Or perhaps someone might have posted on-line that they were going and asked if anyone (me) might have liked a lift? Perhaps they did offer and I didn’t see it? Or perhaps I’m just being precious through lack of sleep?
But whatever happened, I found myself feeling that I was missing out.
I was surprised at just how much of a sulk I found I was having on the matter. After all, whenever I go anywhere I advertise it as a Facebook event because afterwards I invariably get complaints from people feeling they missed out on something good. So I sulked (some more) about what I was missing, and did a little laundry and then went round to see "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" who’d offered me dinner.

I eventually got over my silk, and had a rather good evening watching Oddbods and Furchester Hotel, and a rather good bit of curry.
Early night now I think…

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