20 August 2016 (Saturday) - International Geocaching Day

Last night’s night shift wasn’t particularly unusual or busy as night shifts go, but there was no denying that I was glad to see the relief arrive this morning. I came home and found my dog waiting at the door for me. I was so pleased about that. I then took him for a little walk, but even going round the block was too much for him; he came home with a really tight belly. I sat with him until he settled, then fed him his brekkie.

I would have liked to have taken "Furry Face TM" with me today, but he needed to rest. Having loaded the car yesterday I drove out to Challock and set up for today’s geo-meet. Once a month there is a meeting of geocachers and this month I’d organised a picnic on Challock village green.
I had an idea to put up the event shelter, but the wind was too strong. So I just put up a table and bench, then lay down on the bench thinking I might have a little doze until everyone arrived at mid-day (ish) I slept like a log until a passing lorry blasted its air-horn at five past eleven. It made me jump, and in jumping something pinged in my back. I then carried on laying on my bench unable to move until the first cachers arrived half an hour later.
Noelle did chuckle as she picked me up from that bench.

It wasn’t long before the picnic was in full flow. Despite the heavy winds over fifty people came along. Most brought a little picnic, some brought barbecues, some brought little stoves. “Red Pandas” kindly brought cakes for everyone. I chatted Tupperware with so many different people. Some people had been to loads of meets, for some it was their first one. And everyone who had walked the series of caches which I’d put out round the area was very complimentary about that too.
I was *really* pleased with how the event went. And bearing in mind that today was International Geocaching Day everyone who showed up got an e-souvenir too.

I came home, fussed my dog, then fell asleep in front of the telly for an hour or so. Having boiled me up a rather good pie and chips "er indoors TM" shoved off out with her mates, and I told the internet about the upcoming meet of the astro club. I don’t really thing we actually achieve much by doing this but it doesn’t hurt to do so.
I then programmed “Hannah” for tomorrow, and spent the rest of the evening watching drivel on the telly whilst fussing my dog…

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