7 April 2016 (Thursday) - Busy, Busy...

I woke feeling rather rough. Was it the two recent night shifts or the two bottles of stout last night? I'm finding that (more and more) I'm feeling rough after not very much beer.
Over brekkie I watched "Raised by Wolves"; the last episode of the current season. I hope they make more of that show. I then had a little look-see on line and got just a little bit cross.
I'd not heard of countryside access wardens before. In theory it is a good idea. Unpaid volunteers walk the Kentish footpaths and deal with any access and right-of-way issues they find. However when I was a lad this was a full-time profeessional occupation. This was someone's job. I actually considered it as a career. Now it is something done by volunteers in their spare time. This is no different to the volunteer librarians and how the library service is dependent on volunteers about which I was ranting a week or so ago. Am I the only one who doesn't see the bigger picture? Where will it all end?
Take today's strike by junior doctors - the answer is obvious. Sack all of those doctors who work in A&E departments (and the nurses too) and have St John's Ambulance volunteers running the places. Do we need an expensive police force? Why not just have vigilantes laying down the law as they see fit?

I took a deep breath and drove round to collect "My Boy TM". We had a quick fry-up then came back home. Together we moved the arbour away from the fence, spent ten minutes setting up the pressure washer, then scrubbed down the arbour. "My Boy TM" seemed quite taken with the pressure washer. Most people seem to be when they have their first play with one.

I then took "My Boy TM" back home. We took the pressure washer with us; he's borrowing it for a while.
Having made a start in the garden I continued. I got the strimmer out and edged the lawn, then found the secateurs and cut back more of the stuff hanging over a yard into my garden from next door. I *almost* got finished, bbut the rain got too heavy so I gave up.
I popped up the shop to get a sandwich. Whilst in the shop I struck up a conversation with the locals who were asking about my nutty neighbour. Apparently he's been going round telling everyone that his wife has left him (even though she hasn't) and has been telling everyone how much better the world was when Tony Benn was Prime Minister (he never was).

With lunch scoffed I set about the ironing. as I ironed I watched the last ever episode of "Extant". In the past I've mentioned that his series has been rather variable. Last week's episode was rather good. This final one was.... well.... it wasn't a bad epiisode. Its story just bore no relation to what had gone before.
With "Extant" watched I put on a DVD. "Master and Commander" kept me occupied until I finally finished the ironing at 4.30pm.

I shall program "Hannah" for tomorrow... and maybe have an early night. I've been busy today.

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