3 April 2016 (Sunday) - Golden Cross

I slept like a log, but woke to find both my hands were in pain. Closer inspection showed both were filled with small splinters and thorns; presumably from having done all that gardening yesterday. I got a needle and spent a few minutes trying to get out as many as I could.
I didn't get them all.

"Furry Face TM" was something of a problem this morning; he wouldn't eat all of his brekkie. After a while I gave up chivvying him; he never wants to eat when he knows we are going out. Instead I popped his lead on and, pausing only briefly to collect his canine sidekick (and her associate), we set off to Sussex.
Eleven of us (and three dogs) met up to walk round the footpaths and lanes surrounding the Sussex village of Golden Cross. It was rather swampy in places; and we did acquire more dogs at various points of the walk.
It can come as no surprise to regular readers of this drivel that we were hunting tupperware; geocache-wise this was very much a walk of two halves. We'd gone out knowing that we were planning to do two seperate series of caches. The larger series of caches round Golden Cross were easy to get to on clearly marked footpaths and in good repair (even though some were rather tricky hides). The smaller series in the Chiddingly area were somewhat more hit-and-miss with at least one seemingly randomly placed a long distance from any public right of way and most of them seeming to be in need of a little maintenance.
Mind you the threatened rain held off until five minutes after we finished, and the day was warm enough to be walking in T-shirts.
And (as always) there was a photo or two taken as we walked.

Although we'd parked up by a long-closed pub we found our route took us right past the Six Bells in Chiddlingly so we stopped off for a pint. Or two. Somtimes the pubs we find on our walks are rather up-market. Other times they can be a little bit "council". But this pub was really good: it was here that we transiently aquired another dog. "Diesel" joined us for dog treats and then carried on doing his doggy thing.

With ten miles walked and thirty-eight geo-finds logged (including one seven thousandth find) we said our goodbyes. We drove home through the rain (which stopped as quickly as it started).

Over a rather good bit of tea I watched an episode of the BBC's series "Moving On". This series is a seemingly unconnected load of dramas which are quite well done. Very thought-provoking. What would *you* do if you found a load of diamonds in an old lady's house when you were doing her a favour and she clearly had no idea they were there?
I then sparked up my laptop. Having been shown the error of my ways by "er indoors TM" I can now directly upload my field notes via GSAK. And so I did if for no other reason than that I could.
Have you ever uploaded a field note via GSAK? I can heartily recommend doing so. Provided (of course) that you actually have a field note.

As I fiddled about my little dog snored. Immediately on getting home he'd had his bath and his tea and he had taken himself off to bed. (My bed!)
Sometimes I worry that I'm walking that little dog too much. Perhaps I should ask the vet's opinion. Mind you the vet wouldn't beleive how much we walk; the vet would just tell me he's overweight (again)...

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