26 April 2016 (Tuesday) - Housework (and stuff)

I slept llike a log until the small hours when I felt my dog jumping on top of me. He then made himself comfortable leaving me to sleep as best I could under the circumstances.
I got up shortly after 7am and did my morning pootling as best I could whilst "Furry Face TM" shouted out of the window at every single passer-by. He was in a very shouty mood this morning.
Over brekkie I had a mooch on Facebook and realised I'd missed an opportunity. With a little effort I *could* have watched the first episode of the new series of "Game of Thrones" over brekkie yesterday rather than waiting till the official broadcast at 9pm yesterday evening. And then having watched it early I could then have told "certain people" what was going to happen. Like they "kindly" told me what happened in the latest Star Wars film before I had chance to watch it.
Mind you it's not as though much really happened in last night's episode. As the show has gained in popularity so the stars have made it a stipulation in their contracts that they keep their clothes on. This has (in many ways) detracted from the appeal of the show. Don't get me wrong - it's quite a good programme *if* you've paid attention since the very first episode. And for a show involving an extremely complicated plot, loads of blood, and lots of random tits being flopped about it takes a lot to beat. But more and more the tit flopping is taking a back seat.

I took "Furry Face TM" round the park for a walk. It was a cold morning; we didn't meet many other dogs which was (as always) probably for the best. Mind you we did meet OrangeHead's Chunky Little Friend (minus OrangeHead for once). She was pushing her dog push chair with her little dog trotting along quite happily behind. He seemed to be on the mend after whatever it was that put him into his dog push chair, and he played quite happily with "Furry Face TM" for a few minutes.
A jogger jogged past and said hello to me. I looked again - it was someone with whom I used to work many years ago. She's been on my Facebook list for some time; we chatted for a while.

Once home I did that which I had been threatening to do for some time. I loaded all of the fragments of broken fence into the back of my car. I then went through the living room like a dose of salts and got two bin bags of assorted rubbish together. Admittedly the new Hoover is a tad smaller than the last one but I managed to Hoover up enough stuff to have to empty the thing twice.
It is such a shame that despite all that effort the living room still looks every bit as cluttered as when I started.

I then did a tip run to get rid of all the rubbish. As always the idiots were out in force at the tip. My piss particularly boiled at one fool. He had parked his car in such a way that he had blocked most people's way. Not happy with this, he was carrying his rubbish to the various skips one piece at a time. And then every time he came back to his car for more rubbish he spent a couple of minutes arguing with the woman sitting in his car's passenger seat.
Perhaps if he carried more rubbish each time and perhaps if she had got off her arse then everyone could have got their jobs done quicker.

Home again to find someone had parked in the space right outside my house. This was no real problem; I found a space not ten yards away. But as the chap who'd parked outside my house came back to my car I made a point af asking why he hadn't used the car park of the shop he's been to. The bloke was quite apologetic; he didn't know the place had a car park.
People park in the street near our house and go to the ironmonger just up the road all the time. The place has its own car park. No customers *ever* use that car park, but the shopkeeper gets *really* abusive when locals park in it overnight when his shop is closed. I once used that car park to turn my car around in one evening, and the shopkeeper actually threw himself in front of my car screaming that I couldn't use his car park.

Just lately the local bus shelters have all had adverts about a three quid deal available from the KFC so I thought I'd treat myself this lunch time. I got to the KFC and found that this deal was actually three quid for not very much so I got a mega bucket instead. As I devoured it I watched the last episode of the documentary about girls joining the army.
I then started the ironing as I watched the first two episodes of "Flowers". It wasn't so much alternative comedy as an alternative to comedy. But it filled an hour.
As I ironed my phone beeped. An email. I've been invited to an interview for a management position. As part of the interview I've got to give a presentation entitled "Given the challenges within the NHS, how do I motivate others and take them with me."
So once the ironing was done I spent the rest of the afternoon making a start on this presentation. If any of my loyal readers have any thoughts on the matter please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Jimbo called round to collect the astro club money. We spent a few minutes putting the world to rights, then I spent a few minutes programming "Hannah" for the weekend. "er indoors TM" came home and boiled up a rather good bit of dinner, then the tribes gathered. We watched a rather good episode of Supergirl, then teased "Furry Face TM". He seemed to like the attention.

Bed time... My stomach don't feel right and I've had a few nose bleeds today. I wonder if I'm sickening for something...

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