16 April 2016 (Saturday) - Deer and Beer

I had something of an early night last night, and was wide awake at 3am. I gave up trying to sleep, got up and had a shave and a spot of brekkie. As my dog snored I watched the second episode of a documentary about young girls joining the Army, and went back to bed at 4.30am. I slept like a log until 9am.

Over brekkie I checked my emails. I can't help but think that Amazon need to sort their web site out. They keep sending me emails recommending e-books I've already bought from them, and emails asking me to rate e-books I've already rated on their website.

We then popped the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and took him for a walk. Both "er indoors TM" and I had a geo-calendar day today so I suggested a cache out near Blean. It was half a mile into some woods so I thought it would be a good dog-walk too. As we went we saw some deer; I took a few photos of the deer; my dog wasn't at all sure what to make of them.
Our geo-find was straight-forward enough; on the way back to the car we went near one of the waypoints of a multi-cache. This one was all to do with a bus route. Near the waypoint was a number magnetically attached to something supposedly best seen from the top deck of a bus. I spent five minutes stealthily trying to climb onto the roof of a bus shelter until the chap in the house over the road asked if I would like to use his ladder. So I used his ladder to get on to the bus shelter. I didn't find the number I was after.
I've since been told it was half way up a lamp post.

We came home; a certain dog had his bath. I was amazed at how much mud was rinsed from him. A pizza was scoffed, then we collected Jimbo from the station. "er indoors TM" drove me and Jimbo to Wye and abandoned us there.
We had a mini pub crawl.

Our main target was to check oout the micro-pub in Wye; the Barber's Arms. It's no secret that I'm quite a fan of micro pubs. Not this one however. I've called in there in the past only to find it closed. Today they were open but the chap running the place was disinterested to the point of rudeness. And his beer was overpriced.
We moved on to the New Flying Horse. The Spitfire Gold wasn't the best pint I've ever had, but the stout is always good. After a pleasent hour slobbing in comfortable arm chairs the lager louts arrived and (rather politely) asked if they could put the telly on so they might shout at the football. We took this as our cue to move on.
The King's Head wasn't bad if only for the oyster crisps. Have you ever tried oyster crisps? They taste just like cardboard but (strangely) in a good way.
The last port of call was the Tickled Trout. Usually a good place for a crafty half. The Trout Pout was an odd-tasting beer, but the Wantsum's More's Head Ale was not too shabby at all.

"er indoors TM" arrived to fetch us; the plan for the evening was dinner with Steve and Sarah. It was a good plan... it was an excellent evening.
However my memory of the evening is rather vague for some inexplicable reason...

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