30 June 2015 (Tuesday) - Carrying a Fridge

As I did my thing ay work last night I listened to the radio. A documentary about post apocalyptic fiction, another documentary about sea monsters, an article about the making of the film "Jaws" (can you believe that film is forty years old now?) and a play which totally failed to grip my attention. Sometimes the radio is riveting, other times not so.
A lot of the time the radio was broadcasting the news. The focus was on the Greek crisis. I'm no expert but from what I can work out a previous Greek government has borrowed billions of Euros from the rest of Europe. Having struggled to repay their debts the Greeks have now voted in a government whose election manifesto was "tell those to whom we owe money to get knotted". And having been elected the rest of Europe is rather worried that the Greeks are now about to tell those to whom they owe money to actually get knotted despite the fact that their banks are about to collapse.

As I walked out to my car after work this morning I checked my emails on my phone. The people who do the admin behind dog microchips have finally got round to updating Fudge's chip so he's now registered to our address. Since we took "Furry Face TM" on from "My Boy TM" (who himself acquired the pup from someone else) I've always felt that my little dog was something of a vagrant. Now that he's finally registered to me I feel we've got a sense of permanance which has been hitherto lacking.
I also had an email from the people who produce GSAK. For those who aren't aware of GSAK it's a complete con. Well.. before I find myself crucified for disrespecting GSAK let me qualify that. Because the software provided by geocaching dot com isn't quite what it might be, in order to actually be able to do the geo-hobby (with any degree of practicality) you have to pay other people for their third-party software. GSAK is actually a very good bit of software which does a very good job, but I resent having to pay for it. I already pay for a premium membership with geocaching dot com.
I don't resent GSAK's developer getting paid for his efforts, but I can't help but feel that the nice people at Geocaching dot com should either beef up their software or pay for GSAK for me. I do resent having to pay out more money because everyone accepts that what we already pay for isn't good enough.

I was just about to drive home when my phone rang. "Daddies Little Angel TM" had located a cheap fridge-freezer and neeed someone to go get it for her. The journey which took less than half an hour last night took over an hour this morning thanks to "Operation Stack" and the French being on strike again.
I picked her up and we drove across Folkestone. Her latest acquisition was in a third-floor flat in Cheriton, and what are Dads for if not to carry fridge-freezers down flights of stairs?
Despite my whinging we soon had the fridge-freezer picked up and installed. Apparently her old one kept icing up. I suggested she might try turning it down; an approach which hadn't yet been tried. Oh how I laughed when I heard that..

I got home and took "Furry Face TM" round the park then scoffed a light lunch whilst watching last night's episode of "Dark Matter". It's not a bad show. Mind you with the exception of the sexy android its not good either.
Despite it being a hot day I then went to bed to try to get some sleep. My hopes weren't high but I slept for nearly five hours.

I got up and had what would normally be brekkie for tea (I quite like jam on toast) and then spent a few minutes rummaging on amazon dot com looking for a decent book for my Kindle app. I have been reading Wendy Alec's Chronicle of Brothers recently but it's a bit too "God Bothering" for my liking. I've read up to the end of the second of four books and in all honesty won't be bothering with the third or fourth.
I've downloaded something by Allen Steele to pass some time instead. If any of my loyal readers could recommend a good read I'm up for recommendations.
Because I spent a couple of quid on an eBook the nice people at Amazon have given me ten quid's credit on their app store. If anyone could recommend an app worth having...

I'm off for another night shift now. I hear the entire county's traffic is at a standstill because of "Operation Stack"...

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