27 June 2015 (Saturday) - A Wonderful Walk

After last night's debacle "Furry Face TM" was banished to his basket overnight. However he still managed to disturb everyone by declaring "Red Alert" and having a woofing fit at 3am. I didn't really get back to sleep after that. When next door's baby started crying at 6am I decided to get up. Mind you for all that I grumble about my dog, I do think the little baby's crying is rather sweet.
As I scoffed my brekkie toast so my dog snored. Clearly he was still worn out after his nocturnal woofing fit. With little else to keep me entertained I watched "Toddlers and Tiaras". The children are quite sweet, but the mothers are rather scary.

"er indoors TM" arose, and soon we were off on our way. Regular readers of this drivel are often reminded of what I've been up to in the past, and today I'll recall something I wrote on April 1 2013 when we went on a little geo-stroll round Eynsford. At the time I said "We definitely need to go back to the area - it's really scenic and there's lots more caches still to be found in the area". It only took two years, but today we went back. The "Wonderful Walk" geo-series has been seriously re-vamped over the last few months; some of the caches we'd done have been archived, some new ones have appeared, and there were some we didn't find last time that were still there waiting for us.

We met up with our geo-buddies at the designated starting point. Much as we were pleased to meet up there's no denying no one was as excited about the meeting as "Furry Face TM"; he simply would not stop woofing.
Our geo-walk started off on the wrong foot with a DNF (Did Not Find), and we struggled with the second geo-target but such is the life geocachical. I think it's probably fair to say that this series of caches isn't "yet another film pot under a rock"; it takes a little effort to find these caches (which is a good thing). Some we struggled with; some we couldn't find at all two years ago popped up immediately this time, some eluded us completely.
As we walked we saw hawks (of some sort), rabbits, a demonstration of fire engines, a fly-past by the Red Arrows, and there was a rather dodgy five minutes when my dog saw a squirrel and flew off in hot pursuit dragging poor Charlotte along down a rather steep hill at full pelt.
The walk from Shoreham up through Lullingstone is rather beautiful. I can thoroughly recommend it as a wonderful walk.

The last time we welked here we totally underestimated how long we should allow for the walk; there's no denying we ran short of time today. But we weren't *that* late back to the cars; certainly not too late for a couple of pints of ale.
And I even took a few photos whilst we were out.

My little dog is now snoring in his basket. I shall sleep well too...

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