3 June 2015 (Wednesday) - A Geo-Walk

Over brekkie we had that very rare thing; a laugh-out-loud moment in "Are You Being Served" in which during ballet practice Mr Lucas inadvertently kicked Mr Humphries in the goolies.
It is commonly said that simple things please simple minds, but I found it hilarious.

I then got my gear together for today's walk. "Hannah" (my GPS unit) was fully charged this time. But just in case I had got rechargable batteries which I'd put in to juice up overnight. Are they supposed to get hot as they charge?
I put the lead onto "Furry Face TM", opened the door and saw torrential rain. But the weather forecast for the day was that it was going to be bright so we took a chance. We were right to do so; the rain stopped within five minutes.

Earlier in the week I'd asked if anyone was free for a geo-wander today. Sometimes people are; sometimes they aren't. But Richard had some spare time so we met up in the general vicinity of Orpington and wandered about. Our planned geo-stroll only took a couple of hours so we then went on and did another. We had a really good walk; beautiful views, wonderful scenery. And even a crafty First to Find along the way. I say "first" - there's some chap on-line who's claiming he did the secret geo-dance six hours before us. Perhaps he was; I don't doubt his e-claim but we found a blank log sheet when we arrived. (Rules is rules!)
We did get a few of our geo-sums wrong on the way; some of our mistakes were easily recitfied; others (involving Russian spies) not so. But we had an excellent walk; even if I did forget to take any photos.

I came home and had my fourth go with GSAK. GSAK is an amazing bit of software which does absolutely eveything you could ever ask for (provided you only ever ask for geo-things). There's no denying that I had to phone "er indoors TM" at one point, but on the whole I think I've sussed the software.

The Rear Admiral called round and we went on a minor geo-mission locally; pausing only to meet up with "er indoors TM" for some McDinner. And with half a dozen caches logged we went off to the astro club committee meeting.
It went surprisingly well. Or, not so surprisingly really....

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