16 June 2015 (Tuesday) - Bit Dull

Last night I had a reasonable kip; the first for a while. Mind you I was still wide awake at 5am. Over brekkie I watched "Are You Being Served" which the SkyPlus box had recorded for me. I think I'm now on the last season which is probably for the best.

Being on the early shift I set off a little earlier than usual; the news had its usual blend of irritation. Having spent some months saying that they will abide with the public's decision after the loss of the independence referendum it now seems the Scottish Nationalist *are* pushing for another one.
The Greeks are causing concern. Apparently having up so much debt they owe everyone everything, they've now decided to solve their debt problems by not actually paying anything back. Apparently their major creditors are up in arms wanting their money. It strikes me that our Prime Minister could learn a lot from the Greek attitude.

I got to work, did some, and came home. The plan was to make the most of the early finish; instead I got stuck in a queue of traffic and didn't really get home that early at all.
We had out customary walk round the park. The walk itself was pretty much uneventful, but there was an interesting sight as we left the co-op field. The nice lady in William Road had clearly forgotten to close the curtains. Or perhaps she didn't care. Or perhaps she was deliberately waggling her ample charms on purpose. Either way it brightened up what had (till then) been a dull day.

Once home I had a look on-line. I did laugh at "MessageToEagle dot com". Billed as "thought provoking news for open-minded people who can think outside the box" a more accurate description would be "utter drivel which is clearly laughable to all but the most feeble-minded simpleton". Today's installment featured a message to humanity which aliens had left (some time ago) which they had coded into our DNA. I did think about sending them a message to say that I'd already seen this idea on "Star Trek" but I've always thought it bad form to enter into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.
Perhaps more useful was finding a bunch who give lessons in the use of GPS units. They aren't cheap but I've registered with them. Apparently there is a monthly newsletter which might give me some pointers in how best to use "Hannah"

Being Tuesday the clans gathered. "Furry Face TM" liked the attention, and after finding myself stuck on the floor we eventually managed to watch an episode of "The Flash". The telly didn't recognise the USB stick, but transmission via ChromeCast saved the day.

Oh - I nearly forgot... my new Doc Martens have arrived; they seem to be OK. We shall find out tomorrow.

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