23 June 2015 (Tuesday) - A Letter

I slept like a log last night; finally being woken by my alarm at 6am. There was a minor disaster over brekkie. Apparently there is some sporting event on in the afternoons at the moment on BBC2 so my SkyPlus box is unable to record lame episodes of "Are You Being Served". In fact despite the thing being over seventy per cent full thre wasn't anything on it I wanted to watch so I spent a little while this morning struggling with geo-puzzles. A new geo-series went live a couple of days ago; it is only half an hour's drive away. I thought I might walk it next week so I spent a little time looking at the puzzles on the route.
I struggled with them; I solved one (I think); and am still struggling with others. Reading some of the logs from people who've solved the puzzles and found the caches it would seem there are mistakes in the way some of the puzzles have been set. I may well choose another walk for next week if that is the case...

I listened to the radio on the way to work. In between the crackling interference the morning's news was variably interesting, boring and irrritating.
The Greek financial crisis is still ongoing; I personally think its a victory for the Greek Prime Minister. He's made the rest of the European community take ownership of the problems he should be sorting out.
There are calls for cars to be banned from the sstreets of London as two more cyclists die. I don't know the specific details of the cases, but in general terms I'd personally be inclined to ban the bikes until cyclists learn how to ride the things safely. It's no secret that the average cyclist is a danger to herself and humanity at large.
And nudey-dragon-girl (from "Game of Thrones") has had a haircut. Is that *really* newsworthy?

Just as I started working (read "arrived at the place and started whinging about wanting to go home") a new geocache went live just down the road from the hospital. I was tempted to take a rather early tea break and nip out chasing a First to Find, but unfortunately there was work for me to do. So (in a novel break with tradition) I did some work.
I went on a little geo-mission at lunchtime instead. By then I'd missed getting FTF, but I don't really mind about that (any more). A little lunchtime walk is good. Now I've given up saxophoning I've taken to reading the Kindle app until I fall asleep at lunchtime and I hate that. (At least when I fall asleep in the works tea room no one plasters photos of the fact all over the Internet) This lunchtime was good for a little walk so I went to find this new geocache. Other than getting crapped on by a passing bird all went smoothly; I soon had the cache in hand. With the secret geo-ritual done I was quickly back to work for a rather dull afternoon.

I got home and.... what can I say? Words fail me.
Long-standing regular readers of this drivel may remember that when I first started blogging my garden was my pride and joy. It was immaculate. But over the years so much leaf litter has dropped over the fence from the neighbours with whom relations are fraught that I have effectively all but given up bothering gardening. I simply cannot keep it tidy with all the overgrowth pouring over the fence. Roses, creepers, honeysuckle,,, there is no end to it.
I came home this evening to find that he's written me a letter asking for my support in his campaign against the house three doors up the street because some of the leaves from their tree are falling in his garden. Look at today's piccie; my garden is the one with the pond; his is the jungle to the right. There is then his neighbours and then the offending tree. He's got the cob with *one* tree and has no qualms in asking for me to side with him. Has he even seen his garden?

I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk; half way round "er indoors TM" met up with us. We walked into the park, and my dog had a swim. He's got used to paddling but didn't realise that yesterday's rains had made the river deeper.

After a rather good bit of tea the clans gathered in Willesborough for a bit of a gossip and then more "Flash"; it started well but I dozed off...

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