29 June 2015 (Monday) - Beetroot or Broad Bean?

I wasn't too late to bed last night, and after another day's walking in the sunshine I was out for the count. My little dog had been snoring for much of yesterday evening, and he was still snoring this morning. Seeing the laundry bin was overflowing I set the washing machine to to its thing whilst I scoffed brekkie. Over brekkie I did a little brain-strain on some geo-puzzles which (hopefully) will form part of a walk I shall be doing on Thursday. Mind you as I scoffed brekkie the weather forecast for Thursday was for heavy rain... let's hope it changes in the meantime.
As I strained my brain my little dog carried on sleeping. Much as he seems to like coming for walks I do sometimes wonder if I'm over-exerting him. He's only got little legs, and he is covered in black fur which really sucks in the heat of the summer days.

It looked like being another hot day today so I walked "Furry Face TM" round the park quite early. Early enough in fact to miss most of the usual dog walkers. Mind you we still managed to have a fracas with a greyhound.
As we came back past the allotments by the co-op field a couple of gardeners were having a heated discussion about a certain plant in one of the allotments. One claimed said plant was a beetroot; the other believed it to be a broad bean. I’m not expert, but from thirty seconds on Google images I thought they looked completely different. I suppose it helps if you know what they look like in the first place.
We came home and I then got the lawn mowed whilst it was still relatively cool. I then thought I might set about my letter rack; it’s been some time since I did so.
I found some small geocaches and rubber stamps I’d ordered ages ago. I wondered what I’d done with those.
Virgin Media had twice offered me a deal. They do that a lot. I wonder how much cheaper they could be if they didn’t advertise so much.
There was a catalogue from “Go Outdoors” that went straight in the bin. Do people really read those things?
The Royal National Institute for the Blind had invited me to an open day. I give them some money every month, and I can recognise a thinly-veiled attempt to extort more money from me when I see it. They had also sent me a newsletter which (like the “Go Outdoors” catalogue) went into the bin unopened.
The Open University also wanted a hand-out from me. It’s twenty years since I finished with them.
The Nationwide building society asked me to vote for people who were standing to be on their board. How can I choose between candidates about whom I know nothing?

Over lunch I watched the first episode of "Sense and Sensibility" which is being run on the Drama Channel. It seems quite entertaining so far. And after my fix of period drama I went to bed for the afternoon. I didn't sleep very well; it was too hot to sleep. But I got a few hours asleep.
Once awake again I did the astro club's accounts; I had intended to do those this morning. And with the laundry fetched in from the line I set off to Folkestone to spend a few minutes with littlest family member before the night shift... I always say I like night shifts. I think I prefer the time off during the day time that goes with them rather than actually working the night shift...

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