5 June 2015 (Friday) - Laptop Maintenance

After a rather busy day yesterday rounded off with a walk, a late dinner and a bottle of plonk I suppose its not surprising that I slept well. I woke, pootled about, had brekkie and watched an episode of "Are You Being Served" all before my dog woke up. He was tired too.

I then got a bit stressy with my laptop. The old thing's being getting slower; it had almost reached the point of being unusable. But what with having already bought a pressure washer and "Hannah" recently the budget won't realistically stretch to a new laptop for a little while. So instead I got the AVG 1-click maintenance software. AVG antivirus has always been good in the past so I thought I'd see if this bit of kit might do the trick. After a bit of farting about setting it up it then did its thing. I left it doing so, and I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk.

Since the fun fair is in Viccie Park at the moment, we walked round to Frog's Island. As we walked I had a fit of the giggles. My dog was sniffing round a fence, utterly oblivious to the cat which was stalking him from the top of the fence. He sniffed and the cat stalked for at least five minutes before I finally got bored with the game.
As we walked there was a sign about a footbridge being replaced. I shall have to keep an eye out. Not only is that footbridge rather vital in our walks to the South Willesborough area, I've also hidden a geocache underneath it.
As we came home a small girl marched up to my dog, announced "Hello Fudge" and started stroking him much to the dismay of her mother. Mother then started shrieking about how on Earth was the child now going to wash her hands. At first thought I took offence, but before I could tell Mother to wind her neck in I realised that (bearing in mind "Furry Face TM"'s prediliction for fox poo) Mother probably had a valid point.

Once home I had a look to see what AVG 1-click maintenance had been up to. It claimed it had cured 228 problems in my registry, fixed 230 broken shortcuts, sorted 2290 program errors and had implemented no end of recommendations.
I suppose it's going to say that; after all it's hardly going to claim that there's nothing much to do. It's not going to tell me that I've wasted my time installing the thing, is it?
I then set it scanning the drives and went to the dentist. In a fit of forgetfulness I forgot I had a dentist appointment booked for last Tuesday and had re-scheduled for today.

I was told I was lucky to get seen today; I arrived to find they'd replaced the front desk. Again. I go there once every six months (on average) and every time they seem to have done something with the front desk. They also got a new receptionist. Whilst admirably (and demonstrably) equipped in the chest departtment her dental receptionist skills seemed sadly lacking. I suppose one can't have everything.
I eventually got checked in and it wasn't long before the dentist had a rummage in in my gob. He did some X-rays and announced that all seemed well.
I've got to go see the dental hygenist in a few weeks time. Once the dentist himself would do all that; nowadays he has a lackey to do it for him.

I came home to find my drives were still being scanned. Pausing only briefly to stop "Furry Face TM" rolling in a dead sparrow that the cats had left in the garden I then scoffed a spot of lunch whilst watching "Secret Diary of a Call Girl", and then took myself off to bed for the afternoon. Usually I get off to sleep right away; not so this afternoon. It was rather hot, and the claps of thunder just as I was nodding off didn't help. But I eventually managed a few hours kip before my dog's snoring woke me; I'd forgotten to close the stair gate and he'd sneaked up.

I came down to find the disks of my laptop had finally finished scanning. So I had a cuppa, and I'm off to see "Daddies Little Angel TM". She's said she'll cook my tea before the night shift.
Cooking my tea... She's twice this week posted on Facebook about "Share this if you love your Dad".
That girl is up to something.

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