17 June 2015 (Wednesday) - Still Dull

Yesterday evening I had a minor rant at the astro club membership. This Saturday is the Shadoxhurst Fun Dog Show and Fete. It is usually a really good event. The astro club puts on a stall; those of us manning the event have a good time. Helping out is open to all.... if only for a few minutes. Every little helps. Some of us are going to the event, others might be, some can't make it, some say they will be there but have no intention of turning up because they don't live in England (I've told them off about that before but still they persist...).
With just four days to go just over eighty-five per cent of those invited haven't even replied to the invite. Are we going to be snowed out with helpers? Will it be just half a dozen of us (because some who've clicked "Going" don't live in England!)?
Setting up this sort of thing as a Facebook Event only works if people actually respond to them (and respond properly).
I woke up wondering what (if any response) my little rant had provoked. I found it had elicited very little.

Whilst having a working lap-top I had a look round the rest of Facebook and I found my piss boiling over trivia. Someone had asked on the "Geocaching in Kent" page about the best way to play Wherigos. Having planned, designed, built and tested the seventeen local ones I offered my sage advice. Someone with a proven track record of preferring his own opinion to reality (and having only done one of the Ashford ones) had posted contrary (and wrong) advice.
The things are not devised to be played on Garmin GPS units. I wish people wouldn't keep recommending that my ones should be done on them; it doesn't show them in a good light.

It was only when I'd finished cyber-ranting that I realised that my little dog was still asleep. He seemed very subdued this morning. Perhaps (like me) he finds the Tuesday late finish rather tiring, or perhaps he's sickening for something.
Bearing in mind there's been a spate of friends loosing their pets recently I spent much of the day worrying about the little pup.

As I drove to work the radio kept cutting out. I wonder if the fault was with the BBC or my car radio. I hope it was with the BBC; I don't need the expense of a new car radio at the moment.
As always the weather forecast amazed me. They start the forecast by describing the current weather. They waffled on about the dismal overcast morning. I was driving through glorious sunshine. If they can't get the weather of the moment right (and you can get that by sticking your head out of the window) what hope have they of getting any forecasts right?

To work. Just lately I've taken to going for a little walk at lunch time. I didn't today as the new shoes are still being run in. Instead I fell asleep whilst reading my Kindle app. I am *so* tired at the moment.

Once home I saw the postman had been. I'd ordered leather insoles for my new shoes. What arrived wasn't what I'd ordered. And what had arrived had been delilberately folded in half by the sender. I've put in a formal complaint but I doubt anything will come of it.
I again checked out the Facebook Event page for this weekend's astro club stall. Yesterday's rant had encouraged a grand total of three people to answer the invitation.... so I'm left wondering whether people aren't actually seeing the invitation or whether they can't be bothered to respond.
Either way Facebook Events aren't working as a way to publicise. I wonder what effect Twitter might have...

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