4 June 2015 (Thursday) - Busy Day

I slept like a log last night; I have no idea why I was so tired. I woke this morning, had my fix of sad TV, then checked out the Internet. The spaceship model used in"Blake's Seven" was up for sale on eBay. With two weeks still to run on the auction, bidding has already reached over thirty thousand pounds.

I then put "Furry Face TM"'s lead on him and we went for a walk. I had intended to go out planning a new geo-walk today, but with my last three plans scuppered and plenty else to do at home I thought better of the idea. So we went round to Singleton Lake where my dog narrowly avoided being bashed up by geese. We came home through the park where we caused mayhem with various other dogs. As we crossed the co-op field we met OrangeHead. Being on her own she was friendly and civil. The moment her chunky little friend arrived she became very aloof.
Usually girls grow out of that when they leave school.

Once home I put on some seriously old clothes and set about the garden. The fish pond filter had blocked up so I ran out the hose to top up the pond, and scrubbed out the gungy filter. Oh - that thing stinks.
I then mowed the lawn. It had not been mowed for over a week; I *really* shouldn't leave it so long; it grows so fast.
And with the hose pipe run out I got out the pressure washer and zapped a few things around the garden. That pressure washer is a good toy.

I made a flying visit to Tesco, then over lunch watched the first episode of a biographical show about Bob Monkhouse. It was at this point I realised that my dog was still fast asleep. On the rare days when I actually show up at work I worry that he's bored at home. But it seems that after we've had our morning walks he spends most of the rest of the day asleep.

I then had a look at my letter rack. I don't do that anywhere near as often as I should. The bank statements had arrived; I checked through them. Could be better; could be worse. What is money for if not to squander foolishly?
I had a letter from the Kent Messenger people. I did a sponsored walk for them many years ago and every year they ask me to do another. I wish they wouldn’t.
The bill from the water companies was about thirty quid cheaper than it was last year. That’s a result.
My new bank cashpoint card had arrived; the old one had expired four days ago. Woops.
The Aspinall Foundation had written to me again. They always send a quarterly newsletter which I never read, and a quarterly free ticket to the zoo which I never use. I really should start donating money to them again now I’m not quite as skint as once I was.
SightSavers too had sent me their quarterly newsletter; another publication which I never read.
The people who provide the building and contents insurance for the house had sent me a letter which was frankly incomprehensible. I’ve filed it with a pile of similarly incomprehensible letters which I will throw away in the next financial year.
The bank also sent me an "equally clear" letter about changes to their terms and conditions which I also filed.
Legal and General had got wind of the rumour that I might be past my prime and were trying to get me to take out a “when you croak” policy. They can go whistle. I looked into those a while back. My first thought was that if I can’t take it with me then I wouldn’t go. But on realising the impracticality of that I took out a “when you croak” policy with someone else.
I found the voucher for five pounds that Morrison sent me when I last complained. I’ve put that in my wallet so I don’t forget about it again.

I spent a few minutes updating my calendar and e-linking it to my phone. I've got something organised pretty much every weekend from now till the end of August, but I can never remember what it is. Now I should be able to see what I'm doing from my phone.
Next on the list of "To Be Sorted" was the astro club accounts. I started off with balanced books and ended up with fifteen quid more than I should have. If I can't figure out where it's come from I shall just embezzle it and everyone will be happy.

The plan was to then do the ironing but by the time I'd put the hose pipe away and got the washing in from the line the afternoon was all but done. Instead I sparked up "Hannah" and once "er indoors TM" was home we set off for an evening's geo-walk. The weather was too good not to.
A few days ago a series of geocaches had gone live in Chilham; effectively stuffing up the 30+ cache series I had planned to put out in the area. I sulked for a bit, but this evening we went to do those caches. They made for a good walk for the dog. Mind you I did think they were rather spaced out. There were seven caches in the loop; there could have been twenty.

As we came home we saw that a neighbour had put out some teddies for the dustmen. "Furry Face TM" is currently ripping them to pieces.

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