1 June 2015 (Monday) - On the Late Shift

I woke up feeling rather negative this morning, but was pleased to see my beer had started fermenting. Over brekkie I checked out social media. There didn't seem to be much that had changed overnight so once my toast was (painfully) swallowed I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park.

We went through Bowens Field where I once hid a geocache. Yesterdy I had a report that it was missing. I had a look-see. It was fine. They usually are. From heere we took the footpath to Viccie Park. That is I took the footpath. My dog took the cyclepath and ran under the front wheel of an oncoming cyclist. Dog and bike were fine; and bearing in mind the cyclist didn't actually end up in the river I don't see what he was complaining about.

Once at the park I was pollitely greeted by the Nepalese community. They seem to have claimed the picnic area by the Hubert fountain as their own and at most times of the day you will find a gaggle of Ghurkhas there; all minding their own business. This morning half a dozen of them were doing keep fit excercises.
We took a detour to avoid the two old codgers who flatly refuse to stop feeing treats to "Furry Face TM",. and met up with a friendly grey dog escorted by a rather fit lady. Wouldn't mind meeting up with them again(!)

We came home via the co-op field where my dog caused mayhem with a group of other dogs who had hitherto been playing "fetch" nicely. Just as we came to William Road a small child announced loudly to her mother "Look Mummy it's Fudge" and went on to say that Fudge was her favourite dog in the world.
Talking of William Road... Yesterday we noticed that there isn't a house numbered twenty. There's eighteen and twenty-two, and between them is a space plenty large enough for a house. I wonder if it got bombed out during the war. I wonder how a nosey person (such as me) could find out.
Some days our dog walk is dull. Today's made a rather eventful start to the morning.

I fed my dog, settled him down and set off to work maybe a little earlier than I might have done. I went via Folkestone to see the baby. He's not such the baby he once was; like all of them he's growning fast. He now stands up on his own.

I then went to Morrisons for some apples and bananas, and on to the Cheapo-bargains shop. I don't go there anywhere near as often as I used to; I quite miss that place. I didn't really have anything in mind I wanted to buy. I just wanted a mooch. I walked out scoffing a topic at half the price I would have paid elsewhere.
I got to work; and having done some I came home again. A possible geo-wander had been suggested for Wednesday so I set about solving the required puzzles until "Game of Thrones" started. I do like that show; I sometimes have trouble keeping track of which character is which in TV shows. In "Game of Thrones" it's easy. The stars don't "flop them out"; only the bit-part players. You can tell how nudey-dragon-girl's role has increased in importance over the years from the lessening of the floppings out.

Personally I'm a fan of floppings out which probably explains a lot of things...

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