28 June 2015 (Sunday) - Milton Creek

After yesterday's really good walk in the sunshine I slept really well. I have a vague recollection of my dog woofing in the night but judging by how tired he seemed this morning I think I may have dreamed it.
Over brekkie "Furry Face TM" continued snoring. WIth nothing on the SkyPlus box to watch I had a look on UK Gold and found an episode of "Jeeves and Wooster" which passed an otherwise dull hour until "er indoors TM" leapt into action.

I then had a look-see on the Internet. MessageToEagle (dot com) was spouting utter drivel. Their article was full of failures of logic. It started off by wittering about some geological age from hundreds of millions of years ago and saying how there were no humans at that time. Therefore (from what I could work out) if there were no humans hundreds of millions of years ago there couldn't have been any humans at any stage of history. Therefore any apparent record of human activity in the historical record must actually have been caused by aliens.
Much as I do love laughing at crackpots, the worrying fact is that there really are nutters who actually beleive this nonsense.

We then collected the caching crew and set off to Sittingbourne where a gaggle of us had arranged to meet up and hunt tupperware (it doesn't hunt itself, you know). We had a really good day. Once we were all together we set off. First of all along Milton Creek. I'd never been along there before. A rather pretty place; but amazing to see how many boats of all shapes and sizes have just been left to rot. As we hunted tupperware both dogs got rather filthy in the mud - it's a dog thing. There was a dodgy five minutes when "Furry Face TM" stopped and would not walk any further. As I turned back to him he looked at me and lifted his front left paw as though to say that there was a problem. I have no idea what the problem was; his paw didn't seem tender. I gave it a good going over and could find nothing wrong. We carried him for a bit, then put him down. He limped for a few yards until he was distracted by other dogs. It was at this point he forgot all about any paw-related problems and he charged off regardless. He never worried about the paw for the rest of the day. I wonder what that was all about.

A little further on we heard an ice cream van. As luck would have it the ice cram van drove into view just as the footpath crossed the road so we flagged it down and had a Whippy... (sigh)
No one had ever told me that a "Whippy" was a brand of ice cream. I honestly thought a "Whippy" was an ice cream in a cone.If any of my loyal readers see a "Mr Softie" ice cream van go and ask them for a "Whippy". It's like mistaking Tesco for Asda, or asking the Pope if he really is Catholic.
The nice lady in the ice cream van went mental at me.

We made our way back to where we'd parked the cars. On the way we met more hunters of tupperware; it's always good to meet up with like-minded people. We chatted for a bit then made our way to the cars. We'd parked the cars by the KFC so we had chicken and chips for lunch. Very tasty. There were a few spots of rain as we dined al-fresco, but it was another hot day so the rain didn't bother us.

Some of our number left us at this point; those of us remaining walked round Sittingbourne itself collecting church micros (it's a geo-thing). We wandered here, there and thither round all sorts of places I never knew existed including a rather well thought-out Road of Remembrance. Finally at 6pm we found the local McDonalds where I collapsed and devoured a Crunchie McFlurry.
I've not really been round Sittingbourne much before. There are *loads* of geocaches there; will certainly be going back at some point. Today's was a rather successful geo-mission. We ended up with thirty-five smiley faces and just one DNF. I suspect tagging along with the C.O. of most of Sittingbourne's caches whilst he did a maintenance run might just have made the day easier.

Once home (with my assistance) a certain smelly dog had a bath. He then scoffed his tea and was soon snoring loudly in his basket. As I often do, I took a few photos whilst we were out. I put those on-line. I always do; I *think* people like seeing them; so many people always say nice things about the photos. If nothing else I know my Mum likes seeing them (she's on Facebook now).
"er indoors TM" must have been tired; she didn't go bowling. Instead we then had a rather good bit of tea. As we scoffed we watched the third episode of "Humans". Eagle-eared viewers might have heard the mention of Isaac Asmiov; much as I'm enjoying the show it is exploring themes that Isaac explored over fifty years ago...

Oh - and my paternal grandfather would have been one hundred years old today...

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