13 June 2015 (Saturday) - Deal

Yesterday I mentioned how I'd cunningly calculated value in footware. A decent pair of Doctor Marten shoes lasts me two years (on average) and when I last looked they cost about one hundred pounds. So (roughly) that's a quid a week. In order for a pair of cheapo-bargain shoes to actually be a bargain they have to work out cheaper than a quid a week. Or so I worked out in February.
The same pair of Doc Martens which was just over a hundred quid on eBay then now only costs sixty quid. So much for the official UK inflation figures which would have us all beleive differently. It didn't take a genius to work out the cheapest move; the new Doctor Marten sixty quid shoes should arrive on Wednesday.

I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park. At one point I lost him, but he soon came to light when I saw the amount of birds that were flying out of a hedge that seemed to be shaking in a very un-natural fashion.
We came home via the bakery; can't beat a Belgian bun. Once home "Furry Face TM" got his monthly flea treatment. I really should have mowed the lawn this morning, but it was still wet from the overnight rain so instead I again wrestled with the lap-top. Despite AVG-1 click maintenance's best efforts the thing is becoming effectively unusable with the various applications all freezing for no apparent reason.
I've given up with FireFox and taken to using Chrome as a browser; that seems to freeze up less. Interestingly the moment I activated Chrome it suggested downloading the MicroSoft Malicious Software Removal Tool which I did. It did a "quick scan" of the most likely places it might find any malware. After five minutes it announced it hadn't found anything. After ten minutes Chrome started freezing up as well.
Mind you I do intermittently see an icon telling me that WIndows is downloading updates. Perhaps the's either the problem or (will be) the cure. I also see another icon has appeared saying I can get Windows 10 for free when it becomes available. I wonder if I should get it? Perhaps a new lap-top might be a better idea?

The plan for the afternoon had been a garden party. But I was in a bit of a sulk. I suppose it's the disappointing outcome of yesterday's out-patients appointment. Is this lump "something to worry about" (and if it is, then in all honesty I'm not really *that* worried) or is it not? Either way it hurts, and I'm just a little fed up with the uncertainty.
I wasn't in the best frame of mind to be making polite conversation so I took the train to Deal to be with people with whom I could have a sulk (and they wouldn't mind).
Surprsingly we had a pint or two.... but it's not easy to stage a booze-up when it hurts to swallow.

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