14 June 2015 (Sunday) - 5000

I was fast asleep when "er indoors TM" alarm went off. She'd set it for 3am for no reason that either of us could determine. I struggled to get back to sleep after that. I finally dozed off only to be woken by "Furry Face TM" who had a woofing fit when the neighbours we like went out at 5am. I gave up trying to sleep at that point, got up and had a bit of brekkie. I programmed "Hannah" for the day's upcoming geo-event, had a shave, and went back to bed.

After laying there wide awake for an hour I gave up, got up and thought I might use the time semi-constructively. I put a load of washing into scrub and mowed the lawn. I then strimmed the edges and cut back the overgrowth pouring over the fence from next door. Whilst then hanging out the laundry on the line I saw I'd somehow got a rather nasty blood blister whilst doing the gardening.
I then emptied one of the lock-ups to get the astro club's event shelter out. And having emptied it I realised I'd emptied the wrong one, so I put it all back and emptied the correct one. I then got out my clippers and gave myself a haircut.

By then it seemed like I'd done a day's work but it was only just gone eight o'clock. I popped the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we went for a little walk. We met a new dog walker today. A nice lady who is very heavily pregnant; in all honesty she looks like she's got a football team in there (poor girl).
And as we came home through the co-op field so my dog found the fox poo. He ate those bits that he didn't roll in. Foul creature.

I then spent a few minutes fighting with the recalcitrant lap-top. I've registered for Windows 10; desperate times call for desperate measures.

We then set off to Maidstone where we picked up Aleta. She seems to be doing really well after her recent knee replacement operation. We then went up to Rochester for the monthly cacher's meeting. Bearing in mind the weather did't look too good we'd left Fudge on guard duty at home as the pub wasn't dog-friendly. But the pub was wasn't bad at all; they did a rather good roast dinner. We met up with the other hunters of tupperware, and had a really good jabber about all things tupperware-hunting-related. And I got my five thousandth geo-smiley-face too...

We didn't then go for a geo-wander. We had a mooch round Toys-R-Us as it was over the road, then came home. Having been up most of the night I dozed pretty much all of the way home, and after a little visit to the outlet centre I spent a little while fighting with maps. It is apparently possible to get Ordnance Survey maps onto the geo-apps on my phone. I *really* can't do it.
I then had a look at a Facebook group which was claiming to be able to allow me to do so, but it lied.

"My Boy TM" came to visit in the evening. He was wondering what DVDs he'd left behind in what was once his room. I must admit that it seems a shame having spent twenty thousand pounds on a loft conversion only to have the loft room not being used.
Mind you it makes a good guest suite on the rare occassion we have people staying over.

This evening saw the start of a new TV show. "Humans" is set in the near future when human-like robots are commonplace. On the one hand I quite like it because it's not yet another American police show; set in the UK it's been filmed on some of the places I've been. On the other hand it's tackling topics that decent sci-fi dealt with in the 1950s.
The first episode was quite good; but I think the show is going to take the direction that Isaac Asimov took in 1974 when he wrote the short story "...that thou art mindful of him"
Mind you I will watch the next episodes having recorded them first. I can't be doing with all the adverts.

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