8 June 2015 (Monday) - Bit Tired

By the time we'd waited round Clacket Lane for the phone call to tell us that the airplane had landed last night, it was past midnight before we got to the airport. It didn't help that I couldn't find where to go, and that the *helpful* staff at Gatwick deliberately sent me to the wrong place. (I know they mis-directed me deliberately because I later found the person who'd done so, challenged him and he confirmed he'd deliberately sent me to the wrong place!)
We eventually found the returning holidaymakers, and everyone was home and in bed shortly before 3am.

Despite two night shifts and then a 3am bed time I was raring to go at 7am this morning. I'd booked a day's holiday for today thinking I might be tired. I had vaguely planned to do a recce on a new geo-series I have in mind, but thought better of the idea. Just recently I've planned three such routes only to have other people put out caches in the way (effectively stuffing up my plans) and so at the moment I really can't be bothered.
Instead we scrounged a lift with "er indoors TM" to her work and walked home through the golf course. A new geocache had gone lilve there over the weekend. I spent five minutes having a look but a combination of spiky hawthorne and nosey golfers put me off and I gave up.

As we walked through the Warren my dog saw something. A squirrel, a rabbit, a yeti; I don't know what it was but without warning he sprinted after it. I'd deliberately kept him on the lead in case this happened. He flew until the lead reached its fullest extent, but he was running with such force he snapped the lead.
I bellowed at him, and to his credit he stopped instantly. I suppose it was only a matter of time until that lead snapped. It was getting rather worn.

Once home I did that traditional pastime on my days of annual leave; laundry. Washing onto the line, ironing, washing machine at full power, sorting undercrackers... the usual.
As I ironed I activated my laptop to Chromecast Power and watched some Star Trek episodes. But not just any episodes; new ones. Star Trek Phase Two is supposedly carrying on from where the third season of the original Star Trek left off. It was watchable enough whilst doing the ironing, but... had the actors been given any original dialogue rather than re-hashing very recognisable phrases from the original TV series and films,
and had the writers tried original plots rather than re-workinng old stories it might have had promise.

I could have then gone shopping; we now need a new dog lead and I need something to connect two lengths of hose pipe. I could have mowed the lawn or pressure-washed the front garden. I could have continued working on my presentation for the astro club.
Instead I fell asleep in front of the telly until "er indoors TM" came home.

Out of interest I had a look on the geo-map. We had been invited to go on holiday with "My Boy TM" so I checked out the geocaching in the area. There were no caches within forty miles of where they had been staying and only six within a hundred miles. Compare that to Ashford where there is one hundred and ninety five within two miles of my house.
And it's Monday night. Game of Thrones. I think I need to get the DVDs and watch the entire lot again to figure out why everyone is doing what they are doing, and to figure out to whom it is they are doing it.
And also to see nudey-dragon-girl before she got so famous that she was allowed to keep her clothes on...

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