25 June 2015 (Thursday) - Space, River...

Last night the word was that the Northern Lights would be visible from Ashford. I had a look just before bed time but it wasn't especially dark and there was a lot of cloud. I had this plan to have a look-see at any Northern Lights that might be doing their thing when I woke in the night (as I often do). I woke shortly before 4am when dawn was already breaking having missed it all. I went back to bed.
I got up just before the alarm went off. Shaving was rather tender today. Over brekkie (as my dog snored) I watched Billie Piper's stunt double flopping them out (with vim and vigour) in "Secret Diary of a Call Girl". Always entertaining (!)

Whilst checking emails I saw a new geocache had gone live on the way to work. I say "on the way to work"; it was in Kings Wood which would have meant driving a little way out of my way and then walking about half a mile into the wood. Had I received this email half an hour earlier I might have had time to chase the First to Find. As it was the road works along the A28 made me late enough as it was without going on little hikes as well.

I did snigger at the weather forecast which said about how the country was facing an overcast morning; in contrast with earlier in the week this morning's drive to work was through a really bright morning; I dislike wearing sunglasses (they make me look pretentious) but sometimes it is a necessity. As usual I had the morning news on.

I did wonder for how much longer I will be making this journey as artificial blood will (apparently) be in regular use in the not too distant future. Personally I hope it will be delayed until I'm safely retired (well I would, wouldn't I?). Mind you, for all that the pundits announced that artificial blood was created in Romania last year, I can remember the announcements about dogs being kept alive on the stuff in Japanese laboratories over thirty years ago.
Europe was in the news. The Greek crisis drags on and on as does the African refugee disaster. And with the Greeks demanding the moon on a stick and Europe drowning under a sea of fugitives the British Prime Minister is also wanting his bit as well. I suspect everyone will be disappointed.
And (complete with new haricut), "Game of Thrones""s very own nudey-dragon-girl would seem to have done her leg in. She's been seen wandering around on enormously high heels whilst propped up with crutches. What's that all about?

I got to work; I did my bit and came home again. Whilst walking "Furry Face TM" up the road towards Bowens Field this evening I met "My Boy TM" and Lacey taking Lacey's puppy Rolo to puppy classes. Our vet runs a puppy class once a week. We bandied insults, and then as they went to class I took my dog round the park. He did spend rather longer than I would have liked in the river, but but it was a hot evening.

Egg and chips went down well, and with "er indoors TM" off to a Pampered Chef party I found myself home alone. I activated the ChromeCast and streamed a couple of episides of Star Trek Phase II. It's incredibly fanwank, but I'm getting to quite like it... after all, I'm a fan.

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