6 June 2015 (Saturday) - Between the Night Shifts

As I drove home from last night's night shift this story in the news made me snigger. Yesterday an ISIS jihadi posted a selfie on-line. US forces were able to locate landmarks in the selfie, and within an hour or so of the photo going on-line the Americans had bombed that jihadi; and the (up till then) secret base from which the selfie had been taken.

Once home I turned on my lap-top. After yesterday's day of intensive PC maintenance I was hoping for great things from it. In retrospect I was expecting too much. I had been hoping that the thing would have been transformed into HAL-9000. I suppose it is noticeably faster, but I still get warnings about unresponsive scripts. That was one of the main things I'd been trying to fix.
Various windows still keep freezing too. I wish they wouldn't.

We then took "Furry Face TM" on a little walk down through Park Farm and home via "LegoLand" and South Willesborough;pausing only briefly to chase frogs at Willesborough Dykes and at at Asda for Belgian buns. Asda Belgian buns are smaller than those touted by Morrisons, and slightly more expensive. Not that I'm an expert on the matter.
Once home I barrelled the forty pints of home-brew, had a quick shower, scoffed the bun for lunch and took myself off to bed for the afternoon.

I slept well; I would have slept longer had "Furry Face TM" not been barking at the neighbours. He seems to have taken a dislike to the new people. A shame really as they seem to be a great improvement on some that we've had over the years.

The day between night shifts is usually dull; and this one was no exception. I'm off to another night shift now...

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