1 July 2015 (Wednesday) - A Day Asleep

Bearing in mind "Operation Stack" was in force last night I set off to work a little earlier than I might have done and still took ages to get to work. Traffic in Ashford was at a standstill as the motorway was blocked by the traffic as a knock-on from the congestion in Calais.
Apparently the British Government have told the French the situation is "completely unacceptable".
The answer to this problem is obvious; when the Fire Brigade go on strike the Army step into the breach. If the French aren't prepared to operate their ports then the British Army should go and do it for them. After all isn't this what the European Union is all about?
All the terrible congestion made for terrible driving. I suppose people were getting frustrated at having been stuck in endless queues, but driving like a twit isn't a good idea when your company's name and logo is emblazoned all over your vehicle, as the employees of JMK electrics and Currie European might bear in mind.

I got to work with seconds to spare, and set about the night shift. I had to work one second longer than usual last night. I had intended to make a point of watching last night's leap second which had been scheduled for just before midnight - to keep the clocks right last night the digital clocks actually went as far as 23:59:60 (rather than stopping at 23:59:59) before going back to 00:00:00. But unfortunately I got busy and missed the excitement.
For all that the pundits had been predicting disaster I don't think anyone actually noticed.

With the night shift done I came home (a second later than usual) and found the roads still congested. What usually takes just over half an hour took over an hour. Once home I popped the lead onto my little dog and we went round the park before it got too hot.
He had a little spuddle in the river to cool off; and spent a little while trying to catch the minnows that were swimming past. Some of them weren't especially small. As my dog spuddled Orangehead came past with a posse. OrangeHead herself blanked me. The chunky little friend was vaguely rude to my dog as they passed. Chunky little friend does that. Her comments are rude enough to make her look good in OrangeHead's eyes, but could be construed as being cheeky and friendly to me. Clearly the woman is trying to be everyone's friend.
We only had a short walk - another hot day had been forecast so we came home. I put the washing on the line and had a shower. I then did something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I weeded out my Facebook friends list. I'm getting a little fed up with weird comments from people who've never met me. If any of my loyal readers didn't survive the cull... woops -sorry.
I had an early lunch whilst watching a fan-made Star Trek episode, and then the idea was to close my eyes and have a little doze for half an hour or so. I woke up shortly after 7pm...

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