15 June 2015 (Monday) - Telly

A very young Barbara Windsor guest-starred in this morning's episode of "Dad's Army". Another black-and-white one; another one I'd not seen before. I then watched teh end of an episode of "Smallville". I've only ever seen snippets of that show. With ten seasons of it, I sometimes wonder if its something I might like. I wonder if I can download it all from somewhere.

My piss then boiled as I checked my emails. Having spent sixty quid on new shoes over the weekend, today eBay send me a voucher for twenty per cent off of all purchases over twenty quid. They *could* have sent that email two days ago...

I set off for work, got to the car and realised I'd left my wallet behind. So I came home and once I was in and had collected my wallet I went and woke up my dog. He goes mental when someone visits a house over the road, but was completely oblivious to someone coming into the one house he is supposed to be guarding.

I drove to work; the radio played its usual mix of trivia. I stopped off at Morrisons for supplies, then did some work.
At lunchtime I popped out on a geo-mission. A new cache had gone live within walking distance of work. It didn't take me long to get there; didn't take long at all to find it.
It was a tad obvious. It's been there a week, and from reading the logs it looks like the local kids have already discovered it. I hid it slightly better than it was (not at all) hidden when I found it, and I took the liberty to throw away the sweeties which were inside it. Rules is rules - there should never have been sweeties in the thing in the first place.
I hope a few more of these caches go out near work; it made for a pleasent diversion at lunchtime today. Mind you, at the risk of appearing negative, Canterbury is notorious for people discovering the geo-hobby, rushing out hiding new caches, losing interest and then leaving their caches to decay.
I must admit that geo-alarm bellls are ringing; here's (yet) another Canterbury cache hidden by someone with a total find-count of six (including having cheekily logged this one of his own). Let's hope this new hider of tupperware don't give up too.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park where he got rather carnally involved with a chihuahua and a spaniel. Not at the same time (I hasten to add) but on reflection I'm wondering whether that was a good or bad thing.

Over tea we watched something new on telly which reminded me of something I'd heard on the radio this morning. There had been an interview with Dan Postgate. Son of Oliver Postgate; he's brought his father's "The Clangers" back to our TV screens. I quite liked "The Clangers", and this re-boot was good fun.

"er indoors TM" went bowling and I watched another new TV show. "Dark Matter" was rather reminiscent of "FireFly". I quite liked tonight's first episode even if the same story was done much better in Star Trek: The Next Generation's episode "Conundrum".
And then it was time for the last in the current season of "Game of Thrones". Can't say I've liked it as much as I liked the earlier seasons. When the show started there were beleiveable characters and nudey-dragon-girl flopped them out with entertaining regularity. Those few beleivable characters that are left haven't been developed at all in this last season, nudey-dragon-girl had kept the puppies on a tight leash, and any sort of plot has been abandoned in favour of gratuitous mindless violence. I've seen that in "Football Factory", "Essex Boys" and the like. Has "Game of Thrones" run out of ideas? Certainly looks like it...

Yesterday I mentioned that "Humans" was a story which had been done to death by sci-fi writers fifty years ago. Just recently we've been watched the CGI-ed "Thunderbirds". "Poldark" (which I liked immensely) was a re-make. Now it's "Clangers - The Next Generation".
There's nothing original on the telly any more.

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