9 June 2015 (Tuesday) - Still Tired

I went to bed right after "Game of Thrones" last night and slept for seven hours but still woke feeling rough. Over brekkie (shared with my dog) I watched another black-and-white episode of "Dads Army". I thought I'd seen all of that show so many times, but I don't remember these black-and-white episodes at all.
I struggled to then check out social media; for all that I've wasted money on AVG I-click maintenance I still get the lap-top frezing with warnings about unresponsive scripts.
Sometimes it's quicker to take the battery out of the thing and re-boot it than it is to wait for it to respond.

As I drove to work I listened to the news on the radio. Despite the fact that it's only a month since the Conservatives won the General Election, the pundits are forecasting doom and gloom for them. Apparently it's all to do with the Euro-referendum. Not all of the Conservatives are united on the question of whether or not the UK should remain in the European Union.
The feeling is that whichever side wins, the losing side won't be happy and there will be an irreconcilable rift in the party; probably fuelled by UKIP who, despite having only secured one seat at the general Election are already mischief-making for this upcoming referendum.

To my mind this entirely illustrates what's wrong with our so-called democracy. Once every five years we each get to vote for a local MP; and we can only really choose on the broadest terms. Most people will find they side with one candidate on education and health matters, but agree with another on foreign and social issues. No candidate really stands for all that we want.
And the MPs themselves are in the same boat. Nominally of one political party or another, they too only really agree with their party's policies in the broadest terms. many of them disagreeing on many individual policies.
And consequently we have a government hopelessly divided on what is possibly the most important issues of the year, if not the entire term of the parliament.

Meanwhile my bank has seen the writing on the wall and is preparing to abandon the UK. Seriously cutting their investment in Britain they are looking to shed one in every six of their employees and take their money elsewhere.
It gives me no pleasure to predict they will be the first of many businesses and companies to do so.

Being on the early shift meant for an early finish thus giving me a few minutes spare after work. I did a little shopping; specifically that shopping I should have done on my day off yesterday.
To HomeBase for the hose-pipe fixings; to Pets at Home for a new lead. Fortunately I had some three-quid-off vouchers for Pets at Home. Admittedly I had to spend over thirty quid to get the bargain, but I just made up the difference in dog food. Effectively I've got a week's scoff for free... if you overlook the fact I had to buy a new lead.
I got some petrol as well; I've been getting through a lot of that lately.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" out and we put the new lead through its paces. It seems to to the trick - let's hope it lasts.
Usually Tuesday sees a gathering of the clans. What with one thing and another enough people were indisposed to persuade us to postpone. Which in retrospect was probably for the best; I was still feeling rather washed out. So I experimented streaming stuff from my phone to the telly via the intermediary ChromeCast. Its amazing what you can do with that thing...

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