31 May 2105 (Sunday) - Airport Run

I suppose that after a full day's geo-wandering (ended with a couple of pints of Spitfire) after a night shift it's no surprise that I slept like a log last night. I finally woke just before 7am when it hurt to swallow. I got up, and over brekkie watched "Dad's Army" which the SkyPlus box had recorded for me. It's good to me in that way. Just recently BBC2's been running the very old "Dad's Army" episodes which were made in black and white; I don't think I've seen these old ones before.
My dog sat with me as I watched telly. I say "sat with me"; he heaved himself onto my lap and then slept. "er indoors TM" got up, and fixed my broken GPS in less than two minutes. She said it helped being able to look at her one. I would have needed a magnifying glass to see the fiddly bits.
As scoffed toast I spent five minutes looking at my social diary. I've pretty much booked myself up for (nearly) every weekend for the next three months. Never a dull moment...

At 9.30am we collected "My Boy TM" and his entourage. Several of them are off for a family holiday in Turkey. We had the option to go with them but... I don't do abroad. There's too much farting around in the journey to get there. Too much time is wasted in the travelling and time's precious. Take today's journey. We left Ashford at 9.30am, and they expect to finally get to their hotel at 1am tomorrow morning.
Instead we were on chauffering duties. We drove them to a surprisingly busy Gatwick airport, dropped them off, and came home again.

The original plan had been to stay in the Gatwick area and go for a walk round there. But heavy rain put paid to that idea. Instead we came home. I had a quick look on-line and took serious offence at the aggressive feminist crap which was appearing in my Facebook feed. I understand that historically the lot of the average woman has been less than ideal. And in parts of the world it still is. But (and let's be crystal clear on this) I am not personally responsible for that, and to imply (or say outright at a public meeting behind my back) that I am is rather piss-boiling.
I replied with a rather pointed status message which seems to have been taken well by those who had no idea what it was all about and who might have inadvertantly taken offence.

Bearing in mind it's only a few weeks till our summer garden party we popped into town to get the makings of forty pints of beer; if I don't get it on now it won't be ready in time. And seeing how we were at something of a lose end at lunch time we thought we'd eat out. We *could* have gone for a pub carvery somewhere. We *could* have gone for a posh restaurant's mid-day deal. We went to McDonalds. The food's far cheaper, it comes out a lot quicker, and I actually prefer it to a lot of the over-priced poncey stuff.

We then went on to visit "Daddies Little Angel TM" and the baby and I slept on the sofa for an hour before coming home to take "Furry Face TM" for his walk. We went round the park, and he wore his new coat. He *hates* wearing coats and he walked round sulking. To prove a point we took his coat off and he immediately perked up and ran round like a thing possessed.

Home again, and after a quick shower I got the makings of the beer into the bucket to (hopefully) ferment and I then spent a little while on eBay. I'm feeling the urge to be geo-constructive.
For all that its the sort of thing people go for, the geocaching community are usually very dismissive of the standard film-pot-under-a-rock hide. Bearing this in mind, generally when I put out a geocache I've previously spent an absolute age devising a clever puzzle or intricately programming a GPS game. But those ones only get found maybe once a month, and I lose count of people telling me how they hate puzzles and Wherigos.
I'm going to stick a film pot (or thirty six) under a rock and watch the masses stampede...

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