4 April 2012 (Wednesday) - Busy

I slept (reasonably) well last night, but woke with a right cob-on, and stomped about sulking. I must apologize to the most recent fruit of my loin who was visiting - I wasn't much company this morning. I had some brekkie, and then went delivering catalogues. This time to the other side of town. I realise that the petrol costs will eat into any profit margin, but with three separate distributors competing for the area within walking distance of my house, we needed to find somewhere where they don't get catalogues through the door regularly. And thanks to my loyal readership we might have found somewhere.
catalogue delivering took half an hour, and then I set off to Church Road. I found a framing shop, and got chatting with the owner there. He reckons he can put a decent frame round some of my smaller paintings for less than twenty quid. I shall direct my future customers in his direction when they require framing services. In return he says he will try to flog some of my output. When I'm next in the area I shall pop in with a painting or two.

And then I had my second counselling session. The plan is to help me come to terms with my now reduced circumstances. I thought I was coming to terms with them. But there's no denying that since I started this counselling I really feel I am noticeably more depressed. I get the distinct impression that the counsellor is trying to make me blub. She said I appeared to be very down when I arrived for this morning's session, and she said I should explore avenues of "emptying my pot of sorrow". At the end of the session she felt that she had spoken too much, and I had not spoken enough. She advised me to reconsider my reticence to take anti-depressants. Apparently because I would bandage a sprain and take antibiotics for an infection, I should think nothing of going onto anti-depressants for six months (!)
It probably doesn't help that I have identified what's wrong with my life (no cash) and am seriously trying to remedy the situation (job hunting & part-time money-spinnng): having sussed this out has left counselling somewhat redundant. Mind you, the counsellor lady did suggest that maybe I was being to restrictive in my job hunting; and suggested I might broaden my horizons somewhat. Perhaps she's got a point.

And so home. I watched the film "Bonded by Blood"; a watch-able tale about football thugs and drug dealers kicking seven shades of poo out of each other. And then I went back on to the job hunting front. I've updated my C.V. and put a version of it on this blog. I'd be grateful for any comments or suggestions on the thing - click on the link at the top of the page to view it. I know the formatting is squafty; it's the content I need help to improve. I then spent an hour updating all my profiles with various employment agencies, and had a couple of phone calls from the same agencies about possible future jobs. Something might come of these - hope springs eternal.
I then updated the Facebook page for Friday's cycle ride; if any of my loyal readers fancy a day out on Friday, do let me know. And I updated my Google calendar. The calendar accessible from the link above connects to my Google calendar and works fine. However I can't get it to link to the one on mankybadger.com - I wish I knew why. And talking of I.T. mysteries, my laptop is having a funny five minutes (or so). The copying and pasting facility seems to have gone west in that it only copies unformatted text. It loses the hyperlinks and italics and superscripts I put in when creating blog entries,which means that having put them in when typing in Open Office I then have to repeat the formatting in the Blogger software. Which is a nuisance...

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