20 April 2012 (Friday) - Dull

I spent a large part of last night farting like a thing possessed. I do hope it wasn't the meal at Nando's: Nando's has now overtaken MacDonalds in my favourite place to eat out. It would be a shame if every visit was synonymous with a night ot "Trumpet Involuntary". Mind you if that is the way it is to be, then so be it.

I got up this morning; did my usual morning round, set off to work, did my thing. I spent an awful lot of time playing with Westgard rules today. It sounds like a slogan you might read emblazoned on the railway arches "Westgard Rules - OK". But it isn't, and he doesn't. And then I came home again. How easy it is to gloss over fourteen hours.

Once home I popped to next door to collect a parcel, and then spent fifteen minutes cleaning up the mess that the house had been left in, and then over a rather tasty bit of gammon we watched an episode of "Grimm". It's a good series, even though it doesn't actually seem to be going anywhere.
Next on the list of TV programs to catch up on was "Alcatraz", and I slept though it very well.
Here's a sign of the times. A French firm is suing Google.They aren't happy that Google Maps are free; they would rather have the general public pay for their maps, rather than get Google Maps for nothing.
Personally I'd rather get Google Maps for free. Or that is I'd rather get Google Maps for free all the time I'm not expecting to get any profit from the opposition. It suddenly occurs to me that my rabid support for free ebooks may well find itself evaporating when my novel reaches the point at which I might hope to get cash for it. Not that this will happen any time soon...

I'd been looking forward to yesterday's theatre outing for months. Today was something of an anti-climax.

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