3 April 2012 (Tuesday) - Dull

The first fruit of my loin went for a tiddle at 3am. He went quietly (I am reliably informed). I didn't get back to sleep after that: I lay awake fretting about how tired I would be later. And so I was. When I have the opportunity to sleep (i.e. when I'm in my pit) I am wide awake. When I should be raring to go, I want to curl up. Such is life.
Over a spot of brekkie I watched Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting. Bob was featuring a guest artist today - he wasn't anywhere near as good as Bob. Or perhaps he was and I was sulking as there was nowhere near enough milk for my bran flakes. I need quite a bit of milk on bran flakes - that's  the kind of guy I am.

And so to work - my daily round was much the same as everyone else's (I suppose), apart from a seagull which spent the day attacking his reflection in the window. For the first few minutes it was rather amusing, but the novelty soon wore off and the noise got right on my pip. Fortunately for my sanity the seagull lost interest shortly before 7pm, so I had one hour without the sounds of seagull declaring blood vengeance on itself.

I've had (yet) another look at my C.V.; I think I might have been going wrong in using the traditional format. People see what I've done, think it is too highly specialised, and ignore the fact I have loads of transferable skills (to coin a phrase!). So I've written a first draft of a "functional C.V." I shall work on it some more and post it here for the sage wisdom of my august readership. Or for the punters to have a laugh at; depending on your personal perspective...

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