14 April 2012 (Saturday) - Aldington, Twilight

I have a theory about insomnia. If I need to be up early, I don't sleep well. With no reason to be up with the lark I was expecting a good night's sleep. I had a terrible night. The reason - I could be wrong, but I blame the demon drink. We had a bottle of Chateau eu de Chat with tea last night. Two glasses of the stuff and I felt wrecked when I went to bed. I woke after four hours sleep feeling physically knacked and lay awake feeling grotty till 8am. I have mentioned that I am considering giving up the drink. As well as the ever-spiralling cost which I resent paying, the day after hurts too much.

The weekly weigh-in: another pound lost. Since I started taking note of what I've been shovelling down my gullet I've lost four and a half stone in weight. I am quite literally only three quarters of the man I once was. Is this the legacy of having cut out the drink?

A quick spot of brekky, a quick zoom to Beaver Lane to collect Fudge, and then back home to meet the Bat. And then, pausing only briefly at the bookies to back a horse that would lose the Grand National, we set off to Aldington. Last year me and my beloved took a stroll round the countryside round Aldington on a route suggested by our AA walking guide. It was a good walk, and we always intended to do the walk again. Today fifteen of us (and four dogs) met at Aldington village hall and set off on the walk. For a large part we followed the Saxon Shore Way. Up hills and down dales; across fields and footpaths, along lanes and bridleways. Picnic-ing in  the sunshine. The scenery was wonderful, the company excellent. We were out for nearly three hours - and as always there are photos of the outing on Facebook.

I can see from the Internet that on that walk I burned off (about) six hundred calories. Back in the bad old days, having the walk finish at a pub would have seen me going into that pub. And as well as having stodge and chips, I would have had three pints of ale. And those three pints would contain (about) six hundred calories. Clearly this is where I've gone wrong in the past. For all that I've been physically active, I unwittingly counteracted any benefits of exercise with the beer. Not any more (!)

We then took Fudge home, and collected the catalogues that I posted on Thursday. And home where I slobbed in front of the with the most recent fruit of my loin. Whilst I posted photos onto Facebook we watched episodes of South Park. Quality !!!

And then to Lidl's to stock up with essentials before the Saturday night film-a-thon. Tonight we watched two of the Twilight films. Watch-able enough, I suppose. The trouble with the Twilight films is that once you've seen one, you've seen the lot. No real plot, just soppy nonsense featuring some bimbo which can't decide whether to pork a vampire or a werewolf. It's an interesting enough premise, but stretching the idea over five films is thrashing the idea somewhat...

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