24 April 2012 (Tuesday) - The News

This morning I downloaded my emails. I do this most morning. First of all I use a mailwasher program that has a look-see at what's in my mailbox on the server. And then under my direction it dings out the spam, and then I used Windows Live to download what I actually want. Or that's the theory. Windows Live downloads some emails, but not all of them. I can see from what's left behind on the server that it's done that. there is one email that I catually want from one of the agencies that has been there since early February that Windows Live won't touch. Simularly it doesn't like any Facebook notifications.
This was never a problem until last summer whan I upgraded to Windowns 7. And now that I see that Windows 8 is about to be launched. I can't help but feel that rather than rushing out whole new operating systems, Microsoft might be better advised to iron the bugs out of what's already there. But what do I know?

Meanwhile I had a wry smile at the news. Apparently those with considerably more money than is good for anyone to possess have come up with a plan to make even more wonga. They are going to send automated mining ships into space - specifically to asteroids rich in minerals. And then fetch those resources back to Earth at tremendous profit. The bleeding hearts and looney lefties are up in arms over the idea, but since NASA pulled out of doing space exploration themselves (preferring to contract the hard work to others) can anyone really be surprised at this development?

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  1. To be fair, Microsoft does fix a lot of bugs. What do you think all those constant updates and downloads are? :)

    MS is still fixing bugs with XP, which isn't bad support at all considering it came out in 2001... and they're doing it for free...