26 April 2012 (Thursday) - Dull

When I decided to keep a proper regular diary two thousand and sixty four days ago I decided that I would blog daily. And every day for the last two thousand and sixty four days I have recorded history as I've seen it. Either a record of my day, or my reflections on current events of the day. Some days, like yesterday, were quite eventful. Other days, like today, are not so. I got up, went to work, and came home again. Dull...

Mind you, whilst at work I heard something which amazed me. A colleague needs to travel from Dover to Liverpool and back the next day. The journey costs over two hundred quid. But if he buys a return from Dover to London, and a return from London to Liverpool he saves over fifty quid. How does that work?

Once home I watched a TV show about Frankie Howerd. I never knew he wore a wig. Looking at photos of him I suppose it's rather obvious.

Dull, so dull....

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  1. I have long since ceased to understand the railways or consider them to be public transport. If we decide on a whim to go to York from Baldock its in excess of £120 each. If we book several months in advance, buy four singles each instead of one return and forego the ability to change dates and travel times it comes in at £20.