13 April 2012 (Friday) - Mixed Messages

You have to admire the sensationalism of the press. Take this headline in today's news - "Do night shifts really give you diabetes?" The implication from that headline is clear. The implication is that working night shifts is really bad for you. The article starts off with some quite serious scaremongering, and then gets a bit wordy, then goes on some more, and then, quite a way after everyone has given up and gone off elsewhere on the Internet, the article ends with saying "However, given the highly controlled nature of this study, we cannot confidently say whether these results would occur in everyday life". So clearly night shifts don't give you diabetes, but the possibility of it makes for a good news story. I'd expect more from an NHS website. 

And in other news, whilst leading scientists warn that no more coal powered power stations should be built in Scotland (or anywhere) because of all the carbon emissions, protesters are up in arms about wind power.

Meanwhile spare a thought for those of my loyal readers who've come home from Spain with chickenpox.... We're not gloating very much...

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