22 April 2012 (Sunday) - Folkestone

As we walked home last night I couldn't help but admire the beauty of the night sky. No clouds, and a wonderful view of the stars. And I had a but of a giggle at the misfortunes of others.
A small contingent of the astro club have gone to the Kelling Heath star party. They went up on last Thursday, travelled hundreds of miles to join hundreds of other stargazers who have gathered from around the country. And for three consecutive nights there has been complete cloud cover at Kelling Heath. Last night we spent an enjoyable few hours exchanging messages via texts and Facebook telling them what a wonderful sky we had here at home, whilst they sent messages back telling us of the torrential rain they had.

Over a spot of brekkie I fiddled with the blog settings - specifically those to do with adding comments. In the past I've had the thing set to make it rather laborious to add comments. I've mucked about to make it easier for people to comment on my rantings and ramblings. So, loyal readers, feel free to comment away to your heart's content by clicking on the word "comments" below.
Mind you if I start getting bombarded by spam I'll set the thing back how it once was.

And so to Folkestone. To the Admiralty first. We'd heard reports that the place was falling down. It wasn't. The plaster had blown in one of the rooms; fixing that will make a blog entry in a few weeks' time. And the flashing on the roof needs a bit of attention. If any of my loyal readers have a ladder and the means of getting said ladder to Folkestone, please do let me know.
We then walked into Folkestone for a spot of shopping. A week or so ago I commented about all the empty shops in Ashford town centre. Folkestone is much the same, So many shops have closed down. Whilst in the area I thought I'd see if there was anything I wanted in WH Smiths; I have a gift voucher for them. I searched: I could find nothing at all that I wanted. If any of my loyal readers want to make a purchase from WH Smiths, please give me the cash and use my voucher.

To Argos for a replacement toilet seat for the Admiralty; then back to that august maritime establishment for a spot of lunch. And whilst the assembled throng watched all manner of programme on the TV, I slept. I hate that. Everyone else can sleep at night when I am laying awake. And when everyone else is together and doing stuff, I am snoring.
Whilst in Folkestone we visited the Hoseys who would seem to be recovering from chickenpox, and then home. I depressed myself by doing the monthly accounts, then had tea. Beef stew from the slow cooker. Very tasty(!)
And as my beloved went off bowling I realised that a recent rain shower had put paid to my plans to mow the lawn, so I settled in front of the telly and whilst drivel about Tommy Cooper and Frank Wild played I wrote a thousand more words of my novel....

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