March 27 2011 (Tuesday) - Chilham

Another good night's sleep, which was a good start to a mini-holiday. I have the last of my annual leave to use up. In retrospect, given the choice I wouldn't have worked last weekend and I wouldn't have worked yesterday. But I wasn't given the choice.
It was a shame that having forgotten to set her alarm for the last two working days, "er indoors TM" forgot to turn the thing off for this morning, but despite being on holiday I had to be up promptly this morning. One of the employment agencies wanted to have a Skpye-interview with me this morning. Oddly enough it's years since I last used Skype: not only did I have to install all of the software again, I'd forgotten all my account details and had to set up a new one. And so I found myself sitting on the sofa in shirt, tie and pyjama bottoms at 9.30am waiting for a call. It's years since I last had a Skype call - I was wondering exactly what was going to happen.
Perhaps I should have had a practice call with someone beforehand. I must admit to feeling rather unprepared for the skype-interview. Normally I over-prepare for this sort of thing. But this agency only contacted me half way through Friday, and had suggested some major re-writes to my C.V. By the time I'd done two night shifts and my usual busy weekend, I didn't have much time left for re-writing C.V.s. I spoke with them yesterday morning, and it was then they mentioned about Skyping. Perhaps I shouldn't have played "Angry Birds" yesterday before going to work.
For some reason the agency phoned me on my mobile this morning to see if I was ready for Skype, and the actual call started five minutes later than planned. We chatted for quarter of an hour; the interview seemed to go well. Mind you they always do. It's how well everyone else's interview went that counts.

We then had a minor disaster: as "er indoors TM"  was pegging out the washing, so the washing line snapped. Over the winter the rope has become so brittle I can snap it with my bare hands. Really easily. Fortunately there was some rope left in the shed: hopefully that will last the summer. I know I'm getting really mean in this new world order of austerity, but every little helps. And following on from yesterday I played "Angry Birds" for an hour whilst waiting for "er indoors TM" to get a shift on.

And then on with the business of the day. To Chilham for a walk. We followed footpaths and bridleways and the south stour walk through some beautiful countryside. It was a lovely day to be out and about, and we had a really good picnic in the sunshine. After an hour and a half we had made our way down to Godmersham where I was amazed to find the community hall had been demolished. Bearing in mind that I drive past the place every day, it can only show how observant I am. And then we made our way (in a circular route) back to where we'd parked the car. In total we walked for three hours. And now we know the way, this would make a good walk to do mob-handed over the summer.

Back home, where "My Boy TM" was in residence. I asked if he was busy. He wasn't. I asked if he fancied finishing off the tattoo he started on my leg on March 2nd 2011. He said he did, and he did. And I realised why I'd waited a year to have the tattoo finished. Oh, having tattoos hurts. I like the finished product; I really don't like having them done.

And then, being Tuesday, the clans gathered. Round to Matt's where we admired his progress with his railway, and then watched an episode of "Being Human". It just keeps on getting better...

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