13 March 2012 (Tuesday) - Another Tardiscape

Yesterday I mentioned that I was doing three extended working days this week. Today was one of my non-working days. It was an odd day. I tried to lie in, but I found myself far too hot, so I pulled the cover back a bit. Five minutes later I was too cold. So I pulled the cover back up and got too hot again. I spent half an hour alternating between shivering and sweating before giving up and getting up.
With little else planned I spent three hours perusing the Internet for jobs. I must have applied for fifty jobs, and have already been turned down for most of them. This job hunting is becoming profoundly depressing. But I did get two phone calls from the agencies, so the morning wasn't entirely wasted.

As my stomach started seriously rumbling I warmed up last night's left-overs and scoffed whilst watching a DVD of the Royle Family. Jim and Barbara were off on a holiday to the Pearl of Prestatyn, and Dave was in terrible trouble for driving in kilometres and for flirting with the sat-nav. I couldn't help but feel it was better that he flirted with the sat-nav than with Beverly Macca, but what do I know?
Whilst Jim Royle ranted I did some on-line surveys. It passed the time, and raked in a couple of quid. I don't get rich by doing these surveys, but it's a few quid in the back pocket I wouldn't otherwise have had. I've also been accepted as an on-line author: the plan is that people will announce subjects on which they want articles, and I (and others) will write articles for them in exchange for cash. In theory it's a nice little earner. In practice I doubt I'll get rich. But it might help to pass the time, and might take my mind off of fretting.

I then got my paints out and did another Tardiscape. I really need to sort out the photography I'm doing of my paintings. The paintings aren't that bad, but my photographs make them look really awful. Today I tried with different cameras, in different places, with and without flash; and the above piccy is the best of a very bad lot. ANd here's a thought: if any of my loyal readers want to surprise heir mother with a unique original present on Mothers Day this weekend, you might do a wholoe lot woprse than get them something from Badger Original Landscapes. There's stuff available from the gallery, and there's still time to commission something.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered. This time in Folkestone where we exchaged insults. My grand-dog Sid seemed to have recovered from the amourous advances of his dog-cousin from last weekend. Mind you, Sid was tooting like a thing possessed. Pausing only briefly to frape the Facebook account of the most recent fruit of my loin, we watched an episode of "Firefly". It was really good - it's ages since I last watched "Firefly"...

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