10 March 2012 (Saturday) - This n That

We'd heard that there were all sorts of Wii-bargains to be had at giveaway prices at the toy shop in town. We'd heard that they were seriously cheap, so we decided to be on the shop's doorstep for when they opened at 9am.
We finally woke shortly after 10am, had a leisurely brekfast and thought we might try the toy shop later. I had the weekly weigh-in. Yesterday I was two pounds down on last week's weight; this morning I wasn't. So I cut the difference and claimed that I was a pound down. Having started the diet at eighteen stone nine pounds I'm now (about) fourteen stone five pounds. That's over four and a quarter stone lost, but (apparently) still another two stone to go until I'm no longer overweight. I am told that, in much the same way that ex-smokers become very militant anti-smokers, I am becoming a diet-bore. I probably am. But if one is going to lose weeight, it is a full-time committement. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

My left knee still hurts. On Thursday morning I went to look at my pond, and slipped on the ice on the decking. Somehow I seriously ricked my kneecap, and two days later it's still rather painful. But regardless of the pain, I hobbled bravely to town. It made for a morning out. We went to that toy shop to look for the Wii-bargains. We were disappointed: all that we could find was standard-priced stuff being perused by the Great Unwashed. Literally unwashed. I had to leave the shop, the body odour was that strong.
We went into the pound shop as well, and picked up some bargains. I had another look at spending my W.H. Smiths voucher, but could find nothing I wanted. I suspect I shall end up wasting the voucher on something i don't really want. As I've mentioned before, if any of my loyal readers need anything from W.H. Smiths, please let me know and buy my voucher from me. (He grovelled)

And so home, where I did some more on-line surveys. I did get a bit cross with some of thes survey web sites. Every survey on every site asks my age, date of birth, gender and location (on seperate pages) before deciding that I don't qualify for that particular survey. All of the web sites have this information as part of my profile before I start each survey. I don't see what asking for this information acheives, other than wasting my time.
Mind you, I shouldn't complain. I get credit for doing these surveys. And today I cashed in some of that credit from one of my accounts, and hopefully a voucher for twenty quid for Tessco should come in the post in a few days. I intend to use that money to buy a pair of trousers that fits me.
And still on the theme of chasing that elusive dollar, regular readers may remember that last Wednesday I dropped off some catalogues in Francis Road. This afternoon we went back to collect them. We had a very good return rate, and one or two orders too. It won't make me rich, but it might keep the wolf from the door for another few days.

Being a Saturday night, we went round to Chris's house for film night. FIrst of all we watched "Real Steel" - a Disney film about boxing robots. I've seen worse films but I've seen a lot better too. And then we watched "The Three Musketeers" - it was (surprisingly) good fun. And I stayed awake for both films.....

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