2 March 2012 (Friday) - Chilli, Chat and Choons

Yesterday I waxed lyrical about the beautiful mists on the way to work. This morning the mists were somewhat thicker. Mist is pretty. Fog's flipping thick !!
I did work, and came home again. The journey home took ages - my mobile kept bleeping: offers of lifts for later in the evening and photos for CrackWatch. Once home I got changed and took up the offer of a lift. The clans were gathering: this time in Kennington.

The plan for the evening was Chilli, Chat and Choons. And we did all three. The food was excellent - the home made key lime pies were wonderful, the baked vegetable thingie was excellent. The chilli had chocolate in it. We spotted "Where's Wally", we chatted, exchanged insults.. it was a really good evening with friends (old and new). I had made a decision not to drink very much. I started off well with a tin of Tanglefoot, but the pint of 10% Belgian beer was probably a mistake. And the half a dozen Margaritas were definitely a mistake.
But the evening was really good - for all that I kept nodding off. We eventually left about 1am. Must do it again.

And I'll close today with an interesting statistic - there is ten times more money spent on ringtones for mobile phones than there is spent on research into sustainable nuclear fusion. One is giving you a silly noise to tell you that your mate has a new knob joke; the other will give humanity unlimited power to run those mobile phones. Do I have to spell this one out...?

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