16 March 2012 (Friday) - Stuff

Can I start today with an apology to any of my loyal readers who’ve been waiting for me to do my turn in the twenty-odd games of on-line scrabble I have on the go. I tried to catch up with some of the games this morning before work. But now every game I try to play is delayed by a pop-up window. It stays on screen for ten seconds before I can close it. Ten seconds might not sound very long, but when you have far too many games on the go those seconds soon add up.
I am seriously considering packing up on-line scrabble because of these pop-up windows. So much for advertising (!)

And then to work - the end of the week – the end of the great experiment. I’ve just worked the same amount of hours in three days (Monday, Wednesday and today) that I would normally work in five days. Rather than doing seven and a half hours each day, I did twelve and a half hours.
How did it go? I liked it. What with chronic insomnia and getting to work early anyway to miss the traffic, the early start made no difference to me. And the late finishes? Er indoors goes bowling on Mondays and swimming on Wednesdays and flogs candles to the masses on Fridays, so I didn’t miss much at home. And having days off mid-week gave me the opportunity to not waste my weekend in chores such as job-hunting and laundry and gardening, and gave me some quality time for doing some painting with the fruits of my loin. Alternating days off with days working meant that (oddly) I didn’t have that “Monday feeling” this week.
The boss has hinted that she thought it went well for the department (as no one wants to do the late finishes), so this might just be the way of the future. If so it might make getting to astro club tricky, but I’m sure I can sort something out once a month. After all, that’s what annual leave is all about.

My phone rang whilst at work. Stevie’s phone had gone berserk and had randomly decided to phone me. Mobile phones do that – only the other day I had a rather bizarre text message from another friend whose phone had chosen to pick a random text message from its message history and send it to me. I do hope my phone doesn’t feel the need to join in.

I feel the need to apologise for my ire, but this morning’s news annoyed me. I see that the Archbishop of Canterbury is jacking it in, and is going off to run a university. I realise that I too am planning to abandon one career in favour of another, but I’m not an Archbishop. Being an Archbishop is something of a vocation: you don’t pack up being an Archbishop and go and do something else instead. You either retire, or drop dead in harness.
It’s odd that as someone who’s not been active in religion for nearly thirty years I find that this story has actually rather wound me up.

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  1. I think the Archbishop wants to get out whilst the going is good and not get caught up in the arguments over gay marriage.