18 March 2012 (Sunday) - Angry Birds

Having come home late after the film night last night we were slobbing about watching telly when (at 1.30am) the door bell rang. There was a small army of police on the door step, complete with police vans. The lead copper looked me up and down and asked me if they were at the wrong address. Did we have any Romanians about the place? And before I could tell him that we didn't, all the coppers turned and wandered back to their old-bill-mobile.

With all the excitement of having had the law visiting I was left wondering who or what this Romanian had done to warrant so many coppers to come chasing him, and so I'm blaming that for my restless night.
I got up slightly earlier than I might have on a Sunday and did the weekly weigh-in .I did the weigh-in yesterday only to find my weight was unchanged over the week. I thought I'd try again today, and still no change. I suppose that holding constant is better than putting weight on, but there's no denying there is still quite a bit of weight still to be shifted.

I then got the laptop going over a sot of brekkie. Some on-line surveys, then I wasted an hour on the latest waste of time that is sweeping the universe - "Angry Birds". Like most games it is somewhere where you can lose hours, but I stayed there long enough to hand her "er indoors TM" her arse. Which was nice.
"My Boy TM" came visiting with a wodge of tulips for his mummy, and seeing it was Mothers Day we set off to Hastings to do the filial thing. The mother-in-law was on holiday, but my mum was home, so we popped in for a cuppa. We exchanged insults, and I tried on a suit. My Dad had found a suit he hadn't worn for ages, and was wondering if I was now thin enough to fit into it. I'm not quite thin enough yet.
Then we went on to visit my sister-in-law. We hadn't seen her since her wedding at New Year. We keep saying we should meet up more often. We should do, but never seem to get round to it. And so home via Tesco's (which I've never know to have been so cold), and then we quickly went round the block collecting catalogues and orders.

Tea, and as "er indoors TM" set off bowling I settled down to do some more job hunting. Or that was my intention. I set the washing machine going and thought I'd spend just five minutes playing "Angry Birds". Three hours later I was still catapulting birds about...
And then the reason that telly was invested - "Upstairs Downstairs" - it gets better and better...

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