3 March 2012 (Saturday) - Stuff

By the time we'd got home last night, had a shower and farted about, it was gone 1.30am before I got to bed. But I didn't mind. I know how my brain works, and with no need to be up early I knew I would sleep in.
Or so I thought. "er indoors TM" crashed to bed about 2am and woke me. "My Boy TM" crashed home at 3.30am and must have woke most of the county. I woke bursting for a tiddle shortly before 6am. "My Boy TM" quietly went for a tiddle at 7.30am. He then came back to bed "as quietly as a mouse" fifteen minutes later. Shortly after 8am next door's kids started shrieking for half an hour. At 9am "My Boy TM" started teaching elephants to tap-dance (I can honestly think of nothing else which would have made so much noise).
I gave up trying to sleep and got up.

I had my weekly weigh-in. I'm still losing weight, but at a much slower rate than once I was.. Where a few months ago I was losing three pounds a week, now I've only lost one pound over the last two weeks. Which is probably a far better rate of weight loss. "My Boy TM" asked if I wanted to go up to the town with him. I had some stuff to do in town anyway, so kissing "er indoors TM" goodbye, we set off. We popped round to the Fudgery where I wound up one of my grand-dogs, then we went into Ashford.
First of all to the Old-Bill-o-Drome. Following his getting caught for speeding last week, "My Boy TM" had to present all of his documents at the local cop shop. Doing so was much easier than I thought it would be. Paying a cheque into my bank wasn't so easy though. For some reason my bank have decided not to have counter staff on Saturdays, and I'm afraid to say that their automated systems aren't up to the demand. Paying money into the astro club's account in to the bank over the road (where they did have counter staff on duty) was so much easier. And I got to meet Denver from the astro club in that bank too.

"My Boy TM" was peckish - did I fancy a fry-up? Yes, I did. I've not had one since the diet started six months ago, so we went into The Gorge where I had the full English breakfast. I've since worked out that the brekkie was worth over nine hundred calories, but I did enjoy it. And as the rain started we then had a mooch round the shops..
W.H. Smiths was a disappointment. I have a voucher for that shop, and there was absolutely nothing in it that I wanted. If anyone wants to get anything from WH Smiths, why not give me cash that I can use, and you can use my voucher. We looked in the CEX shop for the "Sons of Anarchy" DVD boxed set. They didn't have it. Wilko's didn't have lighter fuel, and the poundstretcher shop didn't have any canvases. So we went to the milk shake shop where I had a cherry shake and "My Boy TM" had a creme egg shake and we came home.

It would have been good to have done something with the afternoon, but it was raining. So I slobbed in front of the telly for a bit whilst mucking about on Facebook. And once the rain stopped we went out and collected the catalogues we'd dropped on Thursday evening. A nice walk in the sunshine and a bit of exercise to walk of the morning's fry-up can't be bad. I then came home to spend an hour or so doing on-line surveys for financial gain. If you click on this link http://www.free20quid.com/r/1188086 and do the survey I get two quid, and you get twenty quid and the chance to invite others to give you two quids. Everyone's a winner. So please, loyal readers, click on that link. Go on - please do. Let's see how much cash I can get.

And then, being a Saturday night, it was film night. We got chauffeured round to the Chrisarium where we made ourselves comfortable and watched a Johnny English double bill. Rowan Atkinson was very good as Johnny English, but to my mind Johnny English is a very two-dimensional character; within the first ten minutes of the first film I think we'd seen all the film had to offer. And the second film was (in many ways) just a re-hashing of the first one. Very watch-able, but nothing special. Which was a shame. Mind you, they weren't long films. So once they were over we played with the model train set. We even had a head-on collision. Whoops....

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