5 March 2012 (Monday) - This and That

I woke up only a quarter of an hour too early today. Let's hope this is the start of something new and something good. And so to work. I popped into Morrisons to get petrol. They were two pence per litre cheaper than the Esso garage which was not two minutes drive up the road. What was that all about? How do these people stay in business?

This morning I had a phone call from a major international company. I'd applied for a job with them. Apparently one of the managers there recognised my name, and was wondering why I was applying for a job in the North of England. I explained that the job I'd applied for wasn't based in the north. After a few minutes of "oh yes it is", "oh no it isn't" the lady on the phone checked the advert. And then wondered out loud how they'd managed to make that mistake. It turned out that I was in with a better than outside chance; if only I'd been prepared to relocate to Northshire. Maybe in the fullness of time, but not right now, eh?

And then at tea break something happened which has never happened before. My Kindle flashed up a low battery warning. Low battery (!) The battery has never done that before. I'm quite impressed. And so, suitably impressed, I came home and set about ironing the family's shirts. A tedious job, but one which needs doing. Really I should look at getting new shirts; many of my shirts have an eighteen inch collar and at today's measure-up I found that I now have a sixteen inch neck. But with another inch having gone from my waist and hips today, I can't help but wonder how much smaller I am going to end up. After all, I have already bought one pair of trousers which are already too big.
And then the doorbell rang. Having seen what an amazing purchase a mutual friend had made yesterday, Sarah and Steve realised that they needed original artwork too. We chatted for a while, and then as Sarah and Steve set off into the rain with their latest acquisition, I finished off my ironing, and then settled down in front of the telly for the evening. "The Belles of St Trinians" made for entertaining viewing. And it's a sobering thought that the girls who acted in that film are now drawing their pensions.

And in closing today, did you know that we are now in British Pie Week? No? Neither did I. I rather naively assumed that British Pie Week was about increasing the public awareness and perception of the Great British pie. Perhaps it is, but having spent ten minutes perusing their website, I can;t help but feel that he whole sorry idea is just a vehicle for selling a certain brand of pastry.
Am I just getting cynical in my old age?

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