19 March 2012 (Monday) - The Olympic Flame

It was a clear night last night. Or so I read on a friend’s Facebook status. I should really have taken my telescope out and had a look at this and that. But I couldn’t be bothered. When you think about it, astronomy is a rubbish hobby. You either can't see anything because it's too cloudy, or you lose the enthusiasm to look at anything because its too cold. And why shiver when the Hubble telescope is in orbit taking better pictures than I could ever get?
I expect the clear night accounts for the thick ice that was over my car this morning. It wasn’t anything a bottle of cold water couldn’t sort out, but it was a pain having to sort out the bottle of cold water.

Work was dull. I sat quietly for much of the day whilst blokes far younger than me talked at length about their plans for this year for their allotments. Allotments(!) I suppose if one enjoys a hobby, then the enjoyment is merit enough for that hobby. But I for one still can’t shake my life-long conviction that gardening is either an old man’s hobby, or a necessary chore. There’s no pleasure to be had from it for me.
Talking of things with no pleasure in it for me, I spent an hour this evening applying for various jobs. I must admit that one of the most annoying adverts on telly at the moment is (for me) the advert for reed.co.uk. Some hip young thing is singing about "Love Mondays". I don't, and am rather jealous of friends of mine who seem to do so. I hope something comes of all these job applications soon.
I see that the route of the Olympic flame has been published today. And I see that the flame is coming to Ashford on Wednesday 18 July. And it’s not just coming to Ashford: it’s coming right past my front door. I had half a plan to take the day off work to watch the thing come past. Bearing in mind the chaos that ensued when the Tour de France came past a couple of years ago I either need to have the day off work or be on a twelve hour day on the day in question. I suspect all traffic movement around the town will (again) be stopped for a whole day for something which will be all over in half an hour.
I mentioned this to "er indoors TM" who seemed very enthusiastic about the whole idea, so we've decided to make a day of it. If any of my loyal readers fancy taking the day off work for a once in a lifetime event, why not come and shout "Woo Hoo" from my front garden... and bring a bottle of beer and something for the barby as well....

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