23 March 2012 (Friday) - A Lazy Day

A very late start at work today gave me loads of time to fiddle about. I started with the (now seemingly obligatory) hour of applying for jobs which I don't have a hope of getting, and them I mowed he lawn. In the past I've never done anything in the garden before Easter. This is the lawn's second mowing and Easter is still two weeks away.
I then tided up general mess (I knew him when he was a corporal!), and then looked at the bike shelter. With the aid of "My Boy TM" I built a shelter for the bikes a couple of yeas ago. Those years have been hard on the bike shelter - it's collapsed. I've covered the bikes with some tarpaulin, and if any of my loyal readers are feeling particularly good at handicraft, feel free to give me a hand rebuilding the thing.

"My Boy TM" then had a flying visit. He was sniggering about the misfortunes of my grand-dog Fudge. Being a dog of base instincts (and a rather handsome dog too), Fudge had taken out to stud this morning. He seemed quite enthusiastic about the idea, but when push came to shove (to coin a phrase), he couldn't find the right (or any) hole. After half an hour the attempt was abandoned. I did laugh. I doubt Fudge did though.

Over a spot of lunch my phone rang. An employment agency had seen my C.V. and thought I was quite suited to one of the vacancies they had on their books. Did I have any sales experience? I mentioned the commercial ventures outlined above on this very blog, and the nice lady from the agency nearly tiddled her knickers in excitement. And she went on to tell me that I really should include them on my C.V. Which was completely at odds with the formal C.V. advice I received earlier in the week when I was specifically advised *not* to mention "Badger Original Landscapes".
This is the problem with writing a C.V. - what one person feels is good, another hates. But the nice lady has asked me to re-write my C.V. and email it to her for Monday morning. I can do that.

At 2pm I went to bed; hoping to sleep for a few hours. I lay awake. Wide awake. At 3.30pm I gave up and got up again. I expect later when I want t be awake I shall be nodding off. If only we had switches and timers so sleep wasn't such a vague quantity.

And so, at 7pm, to work. Two weeks ago I was offered two nights overtime at the weekend because of the chaos which would ensue because of building works at work. Half way through the preceding Friday the building works were postponed for a week.
And so last weekend I was offered two nights overtime because of the chaos which would ensue because of building works at work. And again half way through last Friday the building works were again postponed.
In theory the building works are to take place tonight and tomorrow night. Will they actually go ahead this time? I've had no phone calls to say that they won't. Let's hope they are going ahead. Because I shall be claiming for a night's overtime whatever happens...

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