1 November 2011 (Tuesday) - Backup

Being the end of the month, I backed up October’s blog entries to my backup site. I set it up some years ago (with the assistance of the nice man at energize-group) since at the time I understood that some of my loyal readers couldn’t access the main blog page. I sometimes wonder how much use that backup site gets these days. But even if no one looks at it, it’s a useful backup to have.

I had a phone call today: one of my job applications has paid dividends. One of my applications was to be a (trainee) mortgage consultant. The chap at the mortgage company phoned me. Unfortunately the job wasn’t what I was expecting: it would involve a lot of cold-calling. And at the moment that’s not something I want to do. But if the cost of petrol goes up any more, it’s something I might have to do. Driving to Canterbury every day isn’t coming in very cheap.

I received a message through the car sharing website I mentioned last week. “Phil” had mentioned that he travels from Ashford to Canterbury every day and was up for car sharing. But since he went on that website, things have changed. He’s now got himself a bike, and cycles every day.
It’s something I’ve (vaguely) considered, but with a round trip of forty miles every day, I’m not keen on the idea. The bus is looking to be a possibility, but with the last bus home leaving at 6.20pm, getting home after an 8pm finish is looking tricky.

And so to Folkestone, where after a really good episode of Star Trek I fell asleep. I wish I could sleep at the right time….

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