24 November 2011 (Thursday) - Stuff

Yesterday’s blog entry attracted a comment. The comment was “Thanks for sharing the idea ....nice post”, and then gave a web link to someone flogging dental treatments. I’ve not published the comment – I’ve tagged the comment as spam; if someone wants to hawk their products, they should do it openly. Like I do. (Did I mention that I’m selling paintings?)

I had a minor shock at tea break today. When I sit I tend to slouch in a chair, and use my not inconsiderable belly as a table. Either to support a drink, or to rest my Kindle on. And today as I slouched, I struggled to find anything on which to prop my Kindle. I’ve still an awful lot of weight to shift, but this served as a nice reminder that I’ve shifted quite a lot of bulk so far.

Yesterday I mentioned about making monthly payments to “Product Support”, and having no idea what “Product Support” was all about. Yesterday I also mentioned that PC World don’t do in-store fixes any more, and I’ll have to send my PC away to get its fan fixed.
Today I found out that this fiver each month is the warranty on the PC with the noisy fan. I’ll see if we can fix the fan ourselves before cancelling the monthly fivers.

Here’s something of interest. Astronomers have published a list of the top ten moons an planets which are most likely to harbour life. Unsurprisingly the planet Earth came out in number one place. What I found amazing was that the same article which placed the planet Gliese 581g in second place also cast doubt on the existence of the planet Gliese 581g.

And in closing, did you know that today marks twenty years since Freddie Mercury died? No – neither did I. That’s been kept quiet…

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