15 November 2011 (Tuesday) - Doctor Who

I had an email telling me my leccie bill was available on-line. So I clicked on the link which would take me to my account. It didn’t. Complete password failure. So I clicked on the link to remind me of the password, and I had memorable date and question failure too. I shall have to phone them up. I’ll do that later.

‘er indoors TM posted some photos of me on Facebook today. Here’s one of them. And looking at that photo, I can’t help but notice how fat I look compared to what I see in the mirror at the moment. That photo is from seventeen years ago, so I reckon I must now be at the thinnest I’ve been for (probably) the last twenty years. I wonder what I did with all the clothing I got to be too fat to fit into.

Talking of Facebook, I had a laugh this evening. The Kent Therapists and Pamper Events group are having problems with an event they are planning: they urgently need to obtain the services of some stand-in mediums and tarot readers to cover for unforeseen circumstances.

And being Tuesday, the tribes gathered. This time in South Willesborough. Normally I’d drive, but half an hour’s walk there was a good bit of exercise. We had a good chin-wag, and then watched “Doctor Who” – the first episode with Christopher Ecclestone. I can remember watching that episode when it first came out in 2005 on the big screen (at Chris’s house), but I don’t think I’ve seen it since. It was really good. And then home via Asda to get some bread. I was reliably informed that we were running short.
Talking of Doctor Who, the news today was rife with stories of a new Doctor Who movie being made. I say “stories” – there was no more actual information than that there is talk of there being one or more movies. I wonder if anything will come of these rumours…

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