21 November 2011 (Monday) - Badger Original Landscapes

We’ve had a minor disaster with the Koi: Dave has died. On 28 May 2007 I blogged about what a bargain Dave was. He’s been the chunkiest fish in the pond for all the time we’ve had him. He looked a bit peaky the other day; with what looked like a growth on his head. And this afternoon I got the message that he had croaked. He weighed in at 8lb, which is heavier than any carp I’ve ever caught.
Fortunately “My Boy TMwas home to act as undertaker. He’s a good lad really. That is “My Boy TMis a good lad. Dave isn’t any more; he’s gone to that great pond in the sky.

Yesterday I mentioned Badger Original Landscapes” as a business venture. At the time I wasn’t serious; but then I thought that if nothing is ventured, nothing is gained. Buying a web domain name for two years has set me back seven quid. The redirection is now running. It took a day to get going, but they say that patience is a virtue.
Mind you, the email account was free. The experimenting I’ve done with the email account is a tad worrying – it sees all the emails I’ve sent it as spam. But at least they’ve got through.
I knew that I could design a web site for the business myself – they don’t need to have fancy graphics and Java stuff all over them. So I designed one. It didn’t take long.
I even have a Facebook page and a Twitter account for the business. And so I now just sit back and wait for the orders to flood in.
So far they aren’t flooding very fast. So if any of my loyal readers would like an original work of art at a very reasonable price, or would just like to subsidise me, please get in touch through the website.

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