13 November 2011 (Sunday) - Walkies

I had rather a late night last night; not going to bed until 1am. I was thinking of friends who’d gone on an all-night ghost hunting trip as I dozed off. And I was thinking of them when they texted me at 5.45am to say they were on their way home (!)

I spent some time applying for more jobs on-line. Today I’ve filled out twenty applications for jobs ranging from surgical sales to fitting cavity wall insulation. If any of my loyal readers know of any job vacancies, please do let me know. I’m open to applying to absolutely anything.

Yesterday I mentioned that my grand-dog Fudge was poorly. He seems to be on the mend now, and this afternoon me and ‘er indoors TM took him for a walk. Quite a long walk. There’s a new road which had been opened up in Ashford which bypasses a lot of the residential areas, and I was feeling nosey, so we walked along it. For those who know the town at all, it goes from the International station to Matalan. There are loads of industrial outlets and businesses along there that I never knew existed.
We then walked round Singleton Lake – I haven’t been there for years. We met quite a few other dogs on the way; some friendly, some not so. Perhaps I’m making a sweeping generalisation here, but it struck me that the older the dog owner, the more disagreeable the dog.

And here’s an amazing statistic. Today’s blog entry is my nine hundredth entry here on Blogger. Add on the thousand that I did over on Yahoo 360 (until it packed up), and I‘m sure that you’ll agree that one thousand nine hundred blog entries is quite an amazing feat. Or that is, it would be if they were actually the gems of literary merit that I’d like them to have been. Personally I can’t see the fascination of listening to me rattling on about weight loss and wanting a caravan, and generally watching me squandering my life in a rather tedious series of ordeals. But I can see from the stat counter that over the last week between thirty to forty different people tune in every day to see what I’ve been getting up to.
Perhaps we might organise a meet-up of my loyal readership in one hundred days’ time to celebrate the two thousandth blog entry which (by an amazing co-incidence) will be on my 48th birthday.

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